Words to Die By


I.M. Swan, a best-selling author, is on top of the literary world. After coming off her book tour for her latest book, she has begun her research for the next, a book on the Chicago Mafia. Spending hours in the library and courthouse, she is surprised to find out a most curious piece of information about the Don of the largest crime family. He is not the rightful heir to the family.

Aro Volturi planned and executed the complete destruction of the Cullen family. Wiping away any documentation or body of any evidence of the family from the face of the earth, or he thought so.

Edward Cullen was smuggled away with the aid of his faithful nanny, who kept him safe until it was time for him to take revenge for his family's death. Training and building a new, stronger family to take back what is rightfully his and executing the man who took his family from him.

One evening, as Edward is following one of Aro’s hitmen, he witnesses him as a young woman in the alley. Coming to her aid, he is mesmerized by her beauty and when he gets to know her, he is in awe of her intellect.

Will Bella be able to survive with Edward’s help, or will Aro get to her and silence her forever?