Six Months Later


Bella sat in the bathroom holding the stick in her hand, with tears rolling down her face. The two pink lines confirming what she had suspected for the last two weeks. She was pregnant. 

Carefully laying the stick on the counter, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was going to be a mother. Lifting up shirt, she ran her hand over her abdomen. The place where the child created by her and Edward baby was growing.

Wiping away the tears of happiness, she picked up the stick and headed towards the office. She wanted to plan a grand announcement to tell Edward she was pregnant, however, that wasn’t really what they were all about. 

After they had returned home from the honeymoon, Edward had been working more and more from home. He only went into the office once a week for a few hours. Since Bella had come into his life, he had realized that life was too short to be spending all his time behind a desk. The months on the yacht were a clear lesson to him; he had trusted and dependable staff who could run his companies competently, with little of his physical participation. He had worked diligently all his life and it was time for him to enjoy his life with Bella. 

Leaning back in the chair he couldn’t help but think about the slight changes he had noticed in her body recently. During their play session over the weekend, part of the scene was breast play, using a new pair of nipple clamps he had custom made for her.

Normally, Bella loved the pleasure she received from the pain of the clamps and was able to wear them for an extended period of time. But this weekend, only after a few minutes, she used her safeword, stating the pain was too much. He had also spent hours studying every part of her body and as he cupped her breasts as he removed the clamps, he noticed that they were larger and heavier than before. 

They had been actively trying to have a baby, so he had been reading books on what women face when they are pregnant. Since he couldn’t share the experience through the dramatic changes she would endure in both her body and emotions, he wanted to be supportive by knowing what would be happening. He knew the change in her breasts was not necessarily a positive confirmation of pregnancy, but it was on the list.  He couldn’t help the smile that broke out across his face with the thought of his precious Bella round with his child.


Not only had he been reading, but he had also been researching who was the best obstetrician in Boston. After finding the best one, he spoke with her at length and arranged an appointment as soon as there was a suspicion that Bella was pregnant. He knew this wasn't what a normal husband did, but his Dominant side couldn’t restrain himself from looking out for his girl. He needed to ensure she was taken care of and had the best available doctors. But Edward hadn’t stopped there, he contacted his mentor and asked for all available information on pregnant women in the playroom. He knew neither of them would want to relinquish their time in the playroom during the pregnancy, but he needed to know what precautions they would need to take in order to safely participate during their time. Also, he had gathered information for post pregnancy and what needed to be done before they went back into the playroom.

His phone ringing brought him out of his thoughts. Looking at the screen, he saw that it was Nahuel. “Hello.”

“Edward, I wanted to call you as soon as I was notified,” Nahuel began. He still stuttered everytime he used Edward’s name, but he was the boss and what he wanted he got.

“What happened?” Edward asked, concerned that somehow Peter had gotten out of prison. 

“Peter and his father are both dead,” Nahuel replied.

“What?” Edward gasped. “How? They were in different prisons.”

“Yes, you are correct, however, it appears that one of the women Peter murdered was the sister of a high ranking mafia member. He never knew what happened to his sister until Peter gave his confession before sentencing.”

“How did they die?”

“Gang raped, beaten, and stabbed,” Nahuel answered. “I was told that each had over a hundred stab wounds.”

“Fuck. Thanks for calling to let us know, Nahuel.”

“You are welcome and I will have the final documents for the foundation finished by the end of the week.”

“Great, thank you. Talk to you soon,” Edward said and hung up. Damn, he couldn’t believe they were dead. He knew Bella still had nightmares at times of Peter escaping prison and coming after her. Maybe this would finally put those demons to rest.

Bella walked into the office with the stick behind her back. As she looked at her husband she could tell something had happened by the way his forehead was wrinkled. Stepping over to him, she slipped the stick behind the picture on his desk of them on their wedding day and climbed onto his lap. “What is wrong, my heart?”

Taking a deep breath, he began. “Peter and his father are dead.”

Bella shook her head in disbelief. She opened and closed her mouth several times, but no words would come out.

“They were taken out by what appears to be a mob hit. Peter killed the sister of one of the top ranking mafia officers,” Edward explained, wrapping his arms tight around her and placing a kiss on her lips. “They are gone.”

Bella relaxed against his chest. The news of Peter’s demise did something to her. It broke the invisible hold he had on her. She would no longer have to worry about him coming after her or her family. “Thank you for telling me.”

“You are welcome, my love,” Edward said, laying his head on hers. He loved the sense of calm he felt when they were like this. 

Bella turned and began placing kisses up his neck until she reached his ear. “I have something to tell you as well.”

“Oh really?  What is it?”

Pulling from his arms she looked down into his soulful green eyes. She silently prayed their child would have them. “I’m pregnant.”  She reached behind the picture and handed the pregnancy test to him.

He had suspected, but hearing those two words come from her lips, along with the positive test in his hands, just about made his heart stop. Their love had created a baby. Tears ran down his face as the emotions of the situation overwhelmed him. “A baby?”

Seeing him cry only made her own tears form and fall. “Yes.”

Placing his hand on her stomach. “Hey, little one, I’m your daddy. You have the best mommy ever and she is going to protect you until you are ready to meet us.” Looking up, he gave Bella a smile. “How the hell did I get so lucky to find you?”

“I don’t know, but I ask myself that question everyday.”

“Do you know how far along you are?” Edward asked.

“No, I just felt different and decided to take a test,” Bella answered.

“Don’t be upset, but I have been researching obstetricians and have found one who is available whenever we suspected you might be expecting.”

Bella couldn’t help but giggle. She couldn’t be upset. This was his Dominant side coming out, making sure she was healthy and protected. “Well, I guess we better call her or him.”

“Her,” Edward said. “Just couldn’t have another man touching my pussy.”

Slapping Edward on the arm playfully. “Edward, they are doctors.”

“I understand that, but I still can’t get past it. Hold on, let me call her.” Edward picked up his phone and found the contact information for Dr. Zafrina Shekoni. Pressing the button, he placed the phone on speaker and waited for her to pick it up. 

“Mr. Cullen,” Zafrina answered.

“Dr. Shekoni, I have you on speaker with my wife, Bella.”

“Hello, Mrs. Cullen. It is a pleasure to finally get to speak with you.”

“It is my pleasure as well. I know you probably thought it was strange that my husband reached out to you before I even knew I was pregnant,” Bella said.

“Mr. Cullen has been very forthcoming and explained the relationship dynamic you two have. I have been doing some research and I am intrigued. Is there a reason for calling me today?” Zafrina asked.

“I took an at home test today and it came back positive,” Bella replied.

“Wonderful, I would like to see you in my office this afternoon,” Zafrina declared.

“We can be there in two hours if that works for you,” Edward advised, as his mind raced with getting the security detail ready to leave on such short notice. The threat with Peter was over, but he was not going to let his guard down, especially now Bella was expecting.

“That works for me,” Zafrina said. 

“Great, we will see you then,” Edward replied.


“Alright Bella, I am going to try an external ultrasound,” Zafrina explained, moving the ultrasound wand over her belly. Suddenly the room was filled with heartbeats. “Well, it seems you are very much pregnant.” Zafrina pointed on the screen at the little nugget. 

“Oh my. Edward, look, look, it's our baby,” Bella cried.

“Babies,” Zafrina corrected, pointing to one then another. “I put you at twelve weeks and five days.

“Twins?” Edward said, his voice husky with emotions.

“Yes and they are just where I would like them to be at this stage,” Zafrina said.

“Can we have copies of this picture?” Bella asked.

“Of course. I will want to see you in four weeks and I will leave you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins and the pictures at the front desk. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen .”

Once Zafrina walked out of the room, Edward helped Bella sit up and leaned down, placing a kiss on her lips. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Bella said, placing her hand on the side of his face. “I can’t believe we are having twins. I dreamed we did months ago and now we are.”

“We are truly blessed. Now let’s get you dressed so we can go tell the family,” Edward urged.

After collecting the pictures and prescription, they headed to the car surrounded by their guards. When they finally made it back home, Edward sent a text and asked the family to come over. He received a text back saying they were on the way. Edward went to ask Maggie to fix dinner for everyone, while Bella walked out to the den and looked at the large Christmas tree sitting in the window. This time next year, their children will be celebrating their first Christmas.


If someone had told her six months ago, she would be married, in a healthy Dominant/submissive relationship, and pregnant with twins, she would have laughed in their faces. Yet life and love have a way of finding its way to two people who were meant to be together. 

Edward walked into the den and over to where Bella stood staring up at the tree. Wrapping his arms around her from behind and rested his hands on her belly. “You couldn’t have given me any better gift than this.”

Bella leaned back onto his chest. “Just when I think I couldn’t be happier, something else comes along and changes my thinking.” 


“I am big as a house,” Bella groaned, sitting down on the bench in her closet and looking down. “Where are my feet? I haven’t seen them for three months.”

Edward dropped to his knee and slowly lifted up her foot. “Here they are my love.”

“Funny, Edward, funny,” Bella huffed.

“Baby you are eight months pregnant with twins. They are healthy and on point to give birth in four weeks. You are doing such a great job protecting them and I think you are so fucking sexy, I want to be buried inside this hot pussy all the fucking time,” he said, running his finger up her leg and dipping it inside her panties. “So fucking wet.”

“Edward,” she moaned.

“Do you need to come, my love?”

“Yess, so badly.”

“By my finger or would you like me to fill you up with my cock?” Edward said.

“Your cock, always your cock.”

“Move down to the edge and lean back on your elbows?”

Bella followed his command and watched as he slid her panties down her legs. Damn he was so fucking hot and he was all hers.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked.


Edward stood, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and lowered his zipper. Pushing his pants to the floor, his hard cock bouncing free of its confines. Moving to the edge of the bench, he lined himself to her dripping wet pussy. Easing himself into her as he groaned in pleasure. “Fuck, you are so tight and wet.”

“Only for you,” Bella moaned, her orgasm building quickly. 

As Edward moved in and out, he couldn’t get over how good it felt. There was no way he was going to be able to make this as long as he wanted. She felt too good and when he looked down at her round belly, full of his children, his orgasm was about to explode. “Are you close?”

“Oh my God yes,” Bella cried.

“Then come all over my cock, baby,” he yelled. As he felt her walls clamp down, his orgasm exploded sending hot ropes of cum deep inside her pussy. When he finally stopped, he pulled gently out of her. Moving to the side, he leaned down and captured her mouth in a kiss, full of the love he had for her. “I love you. Now lay there and I will clean you up.”

“You don’t have to,” Bella began to argue.

“Oh love, it is an honor to get to do it.”

After Edward cleaned and helped her up, he assisted putting on her panties, bra, and the jersey knit, off the shoulder, cream gown she was going to wear to the baby shower. Since she was off-balance, she wore a cute pair of ballet flats.


“Damn, you look hot,” Edward said, eyeing his wife up and down.

“You are just saying that,” Bella replied. She didn’t think she looked sexy. With all the weight and stretch marks, she felt like an elephant.

Wrapping his arms around her, he skimmed his nose up her neck to her ear. “Every time I look at you I get hard.” He took her hand and placed it over his hard cock. 

Bella let out a moan, as she thought of how he had just felt inside of her.

Before they could say fuck it and brush off the baby shower, Bella’s phone began to ring. Reaching over to the cabinet, she picked it up to see it was Esme. “Hello, Mom.”

“Bella dear, I just wanted to make sure you were leaving the house now. The guests are set to arrive in thirty minutes,” Esme said.

“We were just about to walk down stairs,” Bella replied, as Edward mumbled about his mother cock-blocking once again.

“Wonderful and tell my son to suck it up,” Esme said and promptly hung up with the echoes of her laughing.

~T & O~

Of course Esme planned the perfect baby shower for Bella and Edward. Pink and blue balloons were the archway into the large white tent in her backyard. Tables were set with white linen tablecloths with pink or blue napkins at each place setting. Long tapered blue and pink candles, along with flowers were the centerpieces for each table.


The guests were many of the ones who had been invited to the wedding reception, Esme had thrown for them before they left for the honeymoon. A list of who’s who would be in attendance. A horseshoe arrangement of tables were in the front where Edward and Bella would sit along with the rest of the family. 

When everyone was seated, Bella stood, her hand resting on Edward’s shoulder drawing from his strength. “Edward and I want to thank everyone for coming today to celebrate the impending birth of our little bundles of joys. As you know, Esme and I are setting up a foundation to help women who have been a victim of abuse. Many times these women have children who need help as well. Safe Harbor will be that place to assist these women and children. I am blessed to be able to purchase everything we need for our children, but these women are not. This is why we asked that instead of gifts you make a donation to the foundation,” Bella said, then turned towards Esme. “Mom, what was the total of the donation?”

Esme stood with a white card in her hand. “I am so overwhelmed by the support you have shown. Donations made to Safe Harbor totaled $456,200.00.” 

The room broke out to a loud round of applause. Bella couldn’t believe the amount and was overcome by the generosity of the guests. They didn’t know her well, but they wanted to help those who needed it. “Thank you,” Bella said, as her voice cracked with emotions. 


Edward and Bella were pulling back up to their home after the shower. He had gotten a text from Maggie stating everything was complete. “Sweetheart, I have a surprise for you.”

Bella turned and looked at him. “What have you done now?”

“Just a little something we need,” he said with a wink. He slipped out of the car and helped her out. Once she was out, he swept her up in his arms.

“Edward,” Bella gasped. “Put me down. I weigh a ton.”

“No you don’t. So hold on and close those beautiful eyes,” he said with a laugh. Sweeping her up, Edward took off through the open front door and up the stairs. When they landed on the third floor then he strolled down the hall to the room across from their bedroom. Before placing her on the floor he told her to keep her eyes closed. Once her feet were on the floor he opened the door and led her inside. “You can open your eyes.”

Bella blinked several times before the room came into full view. “Oh my God, Edward, it is stunning.” They had discussed at length the design of the nursery but they couldn’t decide on a design they both liked. But now she was standing in the room she had dreamed about. The walls were painted with a soft jungle mural with one pink crib and one bluish gray crib side by side under a sheer crown canopy. On the floor beside the cribs were rugs in the shape of angel wings. A cream colored rocker with a foot stool the shape of a cloud in front, sat beside one of the cribs. The ceiling was painted to look like the sky with puffy clouds and what was once the light fixtures. Their children were so blessed to have such a beautiful room to grow up in.

“I hope it is everything you wanted, my love,” Edward said.

Bella turned and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down into a passionate kiss. When they finally broke apart, she stroked the side of his face. “It is even more than I ever imagined. How did you even do this? I never heard or saw anyone coming or going in this room,” Bella said looking around.

“Maggie was in charge of getting the workmen in and out.”

“Oh, well that answers the question. I swear she could plan a Russian invasion and Putin would never see it coming,” Bella joked. 

“You are right. Now, I believe we are all ready for our little ones and we just need to sit back and wait.”

“Well, maybe we can find something else to pass the time,” Bella purred, running her hand down Edward’s chest and cupping his cock through his pants. Before she was pregnant she couldn’t get enough of Edward’s cock, but now it was ten times worse. On several occasions, Edward had grimaced because his cock was raw from overuse.

“Maybe we can.”


Two weeks later, Bella was in misery. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t sit, and she couldn’t walk up and down the stairs. All her pregnancy clothes no longer fit and she was currently wearing Edward’s t-shirts and running shorts. However, she needed to put something nice on because they were having dinner at Esme’s for a Mother’s Day celebration. 

“I’m not going,” she cried as she struggled to pull on a dress. It was stretchy, but she felt like sausage meat stuffed into casings.

“It doesn’t matter what you wear, love,” Edward advised in a calm soothing voice. 

“I am not wearing your college t-shirt and shorts to a luncheon at your mother’s house,” she growled.

“Our mother,” he corrected.


“Sweetheart, it is only going to be family and they won’t care what you are wearing, only that you are there,” Edward urged. “So let me help you get the dress off.”

Bella broke out in tears. “I am a horrible person.”

Edward wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. “No sweetheart, you are not horrible. Our little ones are causing your hormones to go all over the place. Now, stand up and let me take this dress off.”

Bella stood and when she did she felt a gush of water run down her legs. Looking down, she saw she was standing in a puddle of water. “Edward, I think my water just broke.”

Edward looked down and saw the puddle. “Damn. Do you have any pain?”

“Not really other than a nagging feeling in my back, that has been going on since last night,” she explained.

Edward didn’t know if what she was feeling was labor pains, but he needed to call Dr. Shekoni. Taking out his phone he found her personal cell and called.

“Mr. Cullen,” Zafrina answered.

“Dr. Shekoni, Bella’s water just broke and she has been having a back ache since last night,” Edward explained.

“Alright, I want you to get to the birthing center as soon as you can,” Zafrina said. Multiple births were all different as well were the women who carried them. 

“We can get there in about forty minutes,” Edward explained.

“I will meet you there.”

Edward called Sam and told him to bring around the car asap. He quickly took off Bella’s dress and wet panties. After cleaning her up, he assisted her in dressing and carried her down the stairs. They were met at the bottom of the steps with Maggie and Richard who had Bella’s hospital bag in their hands.

“We will call everyone and will be behind you as soon as we can,” Maggie declared.

Edward nodded and carried Bella out the door. Sam had the back door open and once they were inside, they quickly left the compound. A few minutes into the drive, Bella was struck by a powerful pain and screamed out. 

“HOLY SHIT!” she yelled, holding on to the door.

They had gone to birthing classes and they had learned the breathing techniques to use to help with the pain. “Don’t hold your breath, sweetheart. Breath through the pain.” After saying that, he began to take deep breaths and never took his eyes off hers.

Bella watched and copied Edward’s breathing. A minute later the pain was gone. “Wow, that was sharp.” She leaned back in the seat and relaxed. They had discussed pain management and if she wanted pain meds during labor. After listening and evaluating the positives and negatives, she had opted for minimal pain drugs. 

Edward held her hand and talked about how excited he was to see their little ones, even though he was scared out of his mind. He was going to be a father today. He didn’t want to do anything wrong and wondered why there wasn’t an owner's manual for raising children.

Suddenly, Bella cried out as she clutched her belly. “I need to push.”

Edward took out his phone and called Dr. Shekoni again.

“Edward, is there a problem,” Zafrina asked.

“We are in the car and Bella is saying she feels like she needs to push,” Edward explained.

“Put the phone on speaker and let me talk to Bella,” Zafrinia instructed. Edward put the phone on speaker and set it in the cup holder on the seat in front of them. “Bella, tell me what the pains feel like.”

“They are very sharp, radiating around my stomach and I have this overwhelming urge to push,” she groaned as another pain began to hit.

“Can you lie down on the seat?” Zafrina asked, not knowing what type of car they were riding in.

“Yes,” Edward answered. “We are in the limo.”

“Alright. I am concerned about the urge to push, so Edward I need you to take a look and tell me what you see,” Zafrina explained.

“You want me to do what?” Edward stuttered.

“I will talk you through it,” Zafrina said. “You need to help Bella to undress from the waist down. Do you happen to have a blanket or towels with you?”

“I don’t think so,” Edward replied, looking around the car. “Sam, do we have anything?”

“No sir,” Sam answered. 

“Is your shirt clean?” Zafrina asked.

“Yes,” Edward replied.

“Use it.”

Edward tore off his jacket and removed his white Gucci dress shirt. “Alright I have my shirt off.”

“I need for you to look at Bella’s vagina and tell me what you see,” Zafrina instructed.

Edward leaned down and gasped. “I see the top of a…a…a…a head.”

“SHIT,” Zafrina exclaimed. This was what she was afraid of. “How far out are you from the hospital?”

“Twenty minutes,” Sam called out as he sped down the highway. 

“Alright, Edward, it looks like you are going to deliver your child. Bella on the next contraction I want you to bear down as hard as you can. Edward I want you to place your hands gently on the head as it comes out. When the face emerges I want you to rotate the head forty-five degrees.”

“It is starting,” Bella groaned.

“Alright, push, Bella, push,” Zafrina coached.

Edward was amazed as the little head came out of her and he rotated it like Zafrina had instructed. When he did he got the first look at its precious face. It was the most beautiful baby he had ever seen.

“How is it going Edward?” Zafrina asked.

“Good, real good, the head is out.” Edward answered. “Sweetheart you are doing so well.”

“Bella, we are on the home stretch. On the next contraction, push with all your might. You are going to be pushing out the shoulders.”

“It hurts so much,” Bella cried.

Edward couldn’t take his hands off their baby’s head, but he needed to reassure Bella, push her to not give up. He knew there was a way and hoped it worked. “Isabella,” he said, his Dominant voice strong and commanding. “You will not give up. Do I make myself clear?”

Bella’s breath hitched. Her Master knew her limitations and what she was capable of doing. “Yes, sir,” she replied. A minute later she was pushing through the pain. It was then she felt their baby slide out of her. Relief washed over her and she listened for its first cry.

“She is out,” Edward cried.

Zafrina didn’t hear any cries and was concerned. “Edward, take your finger and wipe out her mouth.”

Doing as Zafrina said, he stuck his finger in her little mouth and pulled out a thick, sticky, substance. As soon as he did, she opened her eyes and he could have sworn she smiled. “Hello there little one.”

“Is she breathing?” Zafrina asked.

“Yes,” Edward replied, tears running down her face. 

“Great. Wrap the shirt around her and place her on Bella’s chest.”

Edward wrapped the shirt around the little angel and carefully placed her on Bella’s chest. 

“Oh my God, she has your eyes,” Bella cried, stroking the side of her face. 

“And your nose,” Edward replied.

“Mr. Cullen we are two minutes from the hospital,” Sam called out, weaving in and out of traffic. 

“I will meet you at the ED doors,” Zafrina said.

Minutes later, they were pulling up and Zafrina met them with a gurney. As soon as the car stopped, Zafrina crawled in the back. “Well, it looks like this one couldn't wait to see the world. I am going to cut the cord before we get them out of the car.” A nurse handed Zafrina the clips and the scissors. After putting the clips on, she turned to Edward. “Would you like to cut the cord?”

“It won’t hurt her will it?” Edward asked.

“No,” Zafrina answered.

Edward took the scissors and cut between the clips. As soon as he did, he exited the car and as soon as he was outside, Dr. Shekoni handed him the now blanketed baby. He looked down and she once more stared up at him. The nurses and Dr. Shekoni helped Bella out and onto the gurney. Following them inside the doors, they rushed to the elevators. Once they were inside, Bella began to moan.

“I need to push again,” she cried.

“Breathe through the pain and don’t push. I need to get you in the birth room,” Zafrina advised.

With his daughter still in his arms, he came over beside Bella’s head. “Breathe with me love,” he said and began the breathing technique. The contraction built to the peake, then finally made it slow decline. When it was over, Bella took a deep breath.

“Great work you guys,” Zafrina said.

The elevator stopped and when the doors opened, they rushed towards the birthing room. Once they were inside, they made quick work on transferring Bella onto the bed and getting her ready to deliver the next baby.

“Edward, let Nurse Miller take your daughter and check her out, while you help Bella deliver your son,” Zafrina instructed.

He hated giving up his little girl, but he knew it was for the best. Placing a kiss to the top of her head, he handed her to Nurse Miller, who cuddled her close, cooing sweet words to her.

“Alright Bella, it is time to get this little boy out,” Zafrina said, taking her position at the foot of the bed. 

“You got this sweetheart,” Edward said, holding onto her hand and placing a kiss on her lips. 

As the contraction began, she leaned forward and began pushing, with Edward words of encouragement coaching her along. Unlike their little girl, their son came into the world crying loudly. Edward once again cut the cord and after the Pediatrician checked him over, Dr. Spencer declared both healthy. They were cleaned up, while Dr. Shekoni finished up with Bella. When everything was finished, Bella was placed in a clean bed with the white gown she had brought from home.

“I am going to leave you guys now, but will be back later to check on you,” Zafrina said. “You both did a phenomenal job today. Congratulations.” She opened the door to leave, when she ran into a large group of people. 

“Can we come in?” Esme asked, excited to see her grandchildren.

Turning back to Edward and Bella. “Are you ready for guests?”

Bella gave Dr. Shekoni a warm smile. “They are not guests, they are family.”

Zafrina chuckled as she stepped out in the hall allowing the group to come into the room. As the door closed, she noticed the two huge men standing on either side of the room. She had heard about what had happened to Bella before at the hands of the animal Peter Whitlock. Over the months she had gotten to know Edward and Bella quite well and she had a better understanding of their relationship. 

Their family rushed over to the bed where Bella was laying with their children in her arms. Esme looked down crying with joy at the sight. “Aren’t they the most beautiful little things you've ever seen?”

“Yes they are dear,” Carlisle said, as he too had tears in his eyes.

“Are they okay? Are you okay, Bella?” Rose asked.

“They are perfectly healthy and I am well,” Bella answered.

“I can’t believe you delivered your daughter,” Emmett said.

“Me either, but I only caught her, Bella did all the hard work,” Edward explained.

“Alright, we have waited long enough. What are the names of my grandchildren?” Esme demanded.

Edward looked down at each of his children, then to Bella. “I would like to introduce Gracie Mae and Edward Anthony Cullen.”

At that moment, Bella's heart overflowed with love. She had everything she could ever want. Looking up at Edward, she couldn’t help but smile. He was her best friend, her husband, the father of their children, and her Master, all because of three little words….Trust & Obey.



The End