Chapter Twenty-Nine

Bella sighed as Edward placed kisses up her spine. “Master.”

“Not Master, but your devoted husband this morning, my love,” Edward muttered, as he continued kissing up her sweet skin. They had fallen into bed after returning from the nightclub. It was a night he would never forget. He was so proud of Bella when they had been in his playroom. She truly was the best submissive he had ever had. He couldn’t believe she had only been a submissive a little over three years. The depth of her submission was that of someone who had been in the community for decades. “Did you enjoy the nightclub?”

Bella turned, so she was facing him. “Yes,” she answered. “I didn’t know you owned the club.”

“And I am sorry for not going over what we own,” he replied. “I need to contact Nahuel and have him place your name on all the properties. Monday, we will go into town to the bank and place you on all my accounts.”

“You don’t need to do that?” Bella urged.

“Yes, I do. You are my wife, but you are also my partner. All that I own is now yours as well. After the wedding, you and I are going to finish up the new club. Then, we are going to take a few months for an extended honeymoon. When we get back, I want to go over our long-range plans. I want your input on where we should think about building another BDSM club and any other investment possibilities you think we should explore.”

“But I don’t have any real life experience,” she answered. 

“No, but you are very intelligent and I will be more than happy to help you understand the ins and outs. I know you will pick up quickly,” Edward said.

Bella was silent for a moment as she thought of something she wanted to do. She was unsure of how Edward would feel about it, but it was something she felt compelled to do. “What do you think about me donating the money I received from the attack to set up shelters for people who have been abused?”

“Baby, just when I didn’t think I could love you more, you want to do something like this. I love the idea and I am sure mom would love to help,” Edward said, as he reached up and stroked the side of her face. “How much do you have left?”

“Almost all of it, except what I spent on the condo, which I want to sell. I never want to step foot in it again.”

“I’ll have Sam pull a team together and gather what you want from it and get rid of the rest. We’ll call the realtor when it is done and put it on the market.”

“I just want the photos and a box in my closet which holds everything I have left of my parents. Hopefully, he didn’t destroy or take any of it,” she said, thinking about what was in the box. It held pictures of her parents and her childhood photos. There were their wedding rings and a necklace her dad had given her mom just days before the accident. Bella could still remember the look on her mom’s face when she opened the box. The stunning Celtic diamond and pearl necklace was a thing of beauty. Her dad placed it on her mom’s neck and said she could wear it when they spent three weeks in Ireland when Bella graduated. It was the dream vacation they had saved for.

“If he took anything, I will make sure to get it back,” Edward declared.

Bella gave him a smile. She was so lucky to have found and fallen in love with a man like Edward. The memories of last night flooded her mind.

T & O

 After leaving the playroom, they ate dinner with Emmett and Rose, then got ready for the nightclub. When they walked into their bedroom, Edward handed her a dress bag, instructing her to put on only what was in the bag. When she opened the bag, she found a sexy black satin and lace short dress which was backless. Looking further, she found a set of black petals for her nipples and a pair of crotchless black lace panties.

She couldn’t help but smile as she dressed. The anticipation of what her Master had planned was buzzing through her body. When they arrived at the club, she was shocked to find out Edward owned it and the wedding party were the only guests. He had hired a band and there was an open bar.  A charter bus took everyone who was staying at the compound to the club so everyone could enjoy the evening. Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rose, Carlisle, and Esme arrived in a limo. As soon as Bella stepped out, she could see the large amount of security stationed outside of the club. 

The party was in full swing when Edward took her and led her up to a curtained off section on the second floor. He directed her over to the railing which overlooked the dance floor. The next second, his hand was up under her dress and stroking her pussy through the hole of her panties. Before long, she was so overcome with desire that she didn’t care if anyone could see them. Just before her orgasm exploded, she felt the tip of his cock at her entrance. Gripping a hold of the rail, he moved inside of her with the beat of sound.


Their sensual dance built and built until both their orgasms erupted. After several minutes, he finally pulled out of her and tucked himself back into his pants. Turning her around, he picked up a towel and cleaned the cum which leaked out of her. After he finished, he pulled her onto his lap and hugged her close. They spent the rest of the evening enjoying the party from the comfort of their private oasis.

T & O

Coming out of her memories, something came to her. “Tia and Leah weren’t at the club last night,” she said.

“Hmm, I wonder why?” Edward asked. “Of all the activities, I would have figured the nightclub would have been their favorite.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Bella agreed, then stretched. She looked over at the clock and gasped. “We slept until nine o’clock.”

“Damn, I can’t remember the last time I slept past six o’clock. You are wearing me out, woman,” he chuckled, pulling her close.

Bella draped her leg over his and pulled him even closer, feeling his hard cock push ever so closely to her opening. “So, have you re-energized?”

“Hmm, very much so, minx,” he growled, pushing his hips towards her, just about to sink into her heat when his phone rang. “FUCK!”

Reaching over, Edward picked up his phone and saw it was Nahuel. He knew this couldn’t be good news if he was calling this early on the weekend. “Hello.”

“Mr. Cullen,” Nahuel said.

“Edward, Nahuel, call me Edward.”

“Yes, sir, I mean Edward,” Nahuel stammered. “I hate to call you so early on the weekend, but I needed to inform you about events that were happening.”

“It is fine. I am going to put you on speaker, so Bella can hear,” Edward said, not wanting to hold anything back from her. Once he had the phone on speaker and lying between them, he told Nahuel to continue.

“Boston PD picked Peter Whitlock up early this morning for questioning.”

“That is great,” Bella said, as she held Edward’s hand, needing his strength. 

Unfortunately, he has an alibi for the timeframe when the break-in occurred,” Nahuel advised.

“Alibi? What kind of alibi?” Edward asked.

“He has two women who have sworn they were with him during the time,” Nahuel said.

“Do you have the names of these women?” Edward questioned.

“A Tia and Leah Green of Seattle Washington,” Nahuel answered.

Bella’s mouth fell open in utter disbelief. How had Tia and Leah become involved with Peter? Had they always been working with him? 

His mind raced with the news of whom was the fucking asshole’s alibi. Then it came to him. They had been on the compound during the time of the break in, so they couldn’t have been with Peter. One of the security measures which was put into place for the wedding was the advance video surveillance. “Nahuel, you need to call Sam immediately and tell him what you just told us. Tia and Leah are bridesmaids at Emmett’s wedding and have been staying at one of the cottages here on the compound. He has access to the video recording of the comings and goings of all the guests who are staying here. I am sure they were here during the break-in.”

“You think they lied?” Nahuel asked.

“Yes. Their father is about to be arrested for a ponzi scheme and they are broke. Peter is probably paying them to be his alibi,” Edward replied. 

“Fuck, shit, sorry Mrs. Cullen,” Nahuel stuttered, feeling horrible for cussing in front of his client.

Bella giggled over Nahuel’s stuttering. “Nahuel, Bella and I hear worse on a daily basis.”

Nahuel was glad they couldn’t see him, because he knew he was blushing like a virgin on her wedding night. “Okay. I will call Sam and let you know what we find. If in fact they lied, they will be arrested and could face prison time for helping someone hide a crime. I’ll talk to you soon and make sure your security is advised. Peter Whitlock is a very dangerous man and I am afraid of what he might do if he is backed into a corner.”



Edward put his phone on the nightstand and pulled Bella so she was straddling his legs. Her face was marred with fright and concern. “I won’t let him harm you, I promise.”

“I know, however, I worry he will harm you or someone in our family. He truly is an evil man.”

“I’ll make sure everyone’s security is tight, but we also need to make sure that Tia and Leah aren’t aware that we know what they have been doing. They may be the connection we need to bring them all down,” Edward said, as he shifted his hips so his cock nestled against her slick lips. “I think it's time for you to wear me out again.”

T & O

The rest of the day, they were in constant contact with Nahuel and Sam. The video evidence of Tia and Leah on the compound was verified by the time and date stamp, as well as the logs at the gate. Nahuel took the evidence to Detective Miller, who had been contacted by the Whitlock family lawyer. Peter Whitlock was not to be questioned without him being present. Detective Miller now needed the case against Peter Whitlock to be air tight so his attorney wouldn’t be able to save him from being locked away. This monster was going down and so were the Green girls.

Edward and Bella spent several hours in the playroom. They needed each other's dominance and submission to make them feel complete. Bella’s trust and obedience was a gift, which Edward didn’t take lightly

The day’s wedding event was bowling at Kings Dining and Entertainment. Emmett was like a kid at Christmas. This was one of his favorite places when he was growing up. Edward would bring him at least once a week. This was a place where they bonded as brothers, even though Edward was sixteen years older.



The surprise of the night was when Esme out scored everyone. She missed a perfect game by five pins. Bella was crowned the gutter queen and Rose the 7-10 split queen. Leah and Tia attended even though they never joined in on the games. They sat to the side and texted the entire night. Sam and Felix watched them like a hawk. 

The next morning, Edward and Bella got up early to get a run in before the day started. He always enjoyed running but it was much more enjoyable with Bella. She had a smaller stride, however, her endurace was better than his. When they returned home, Edward instructed her they were going shopping and she wasn’t allowed to whine about the amount or price of anything. They took a satisfying shower together and dressed for their adventure. 

Six guards traveled with them. All on high alert for any threat that might come their way. Store after store, when Edward entered, he was met by a private attendant. He had arranged which stores they were going to shop in and had someone available to assist them in each.

On several occasions, Bella almost complained over the unbelievable amount of dresses, pants, blouses, shorts, suits, shoes, purses, shoes, lingerie, and anything else he picked up for her. However, when she went to open her mouth to say it was enough, she saw the look in her Master’s eye and shut it. They may not be in the playroom, but she wore her Master’s collar and so must obey his commands. By the time they finished it was time to go to Abe & Louie’s for a late lunch. Bella had never been, but fell in love with the place as soon as she walked in the door.


“Edward, so happy to see you,” Eleazar said, grasping his hand in a warm handshake. He then looked over and saw the young woman on Edward’s arm. “And who might this ravishing young woman be?”

“Eleazar, let me introduce you to my wife, Bella,” Edward replied, his voice full of pride.

“Wife? Edward Cullen, the confirmed bachelor of the east coast is married. Well, we must celebrate. Come you will get my best table and lunch is on me,” Eleazar stated.

“You don’t have to do that,” Bella said.

“I don’t have to, but I want to,” Eleazar declared, as he led them through the restaurant to the private table, reserved for only the most influential guests. Once they were seated, Eleazar instructed the staff to treat the couple as royalty. Edward and Bella enjoyed the shrimp and scallop risotto, which was paired with a 2012 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé. After thanking Eleazar profusely for the outstanding meal, they headed out of the restaurant and to their next stop. All of Bella’s packages were placed in the second SUV which held two guards.

As they traveled back home, Nahuel called to give them an update. “Detective Miller is worried he doesn’t have enough evidence to convict Peter.”

“His alibi is a lie,” Edward barked. 

“He’s aware, but the Whitlock family’s attorney is ruthless. We need more to make sure we put him behind bars for a very long time,” Nahuel said.

Rage raced through Edward, but also shame. He promised Bella he would protect her from this mad man and just like before, Peter was going to get away with what he had done.

“I just wish we had him on video or audio,” Nahuel declared.

The idea burst in Edward’s mind. “Nahuel, I think I might have a way to do just that, but also give him a taste of his own medicine.”

“Do I really want to hear what you are thinking or should I be kept in the dark?” Nahuel asked. Sometimes it is better to be able to claim ignorance.

“Maybe so, but I promise no laws will be broken for what I am thinking about. Once we have it, I will turn over the evidence to Detective Miller myself,” Edward advised. “Bella and I will be in on Monday to have you start putting her on all my holdings and to redo my will.”

Edward slipped his phone back in his pocket and pulled Bella close. “What are you going to do?” Bella asked.

“We need to set a trap. How good of an actress do you think you are?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done any acting,” she answered.

“When we get back to the house, we will have a meeting with Sam and our family. I think Tia and Leah are going to be an asset after all.”


“We are going to stage a huge fight and you are going to storm off. You will make sure they can hear you when you tell Rose you are going into town to Dark Sensations to find a Master to meet your needs.”

“I can’t be in a room alone with him,” Bella said, her voice shaky with fear.

“You won’t. We will do a switch with someone who will put Peter in his place,” Edward said, a smirk forming on his lips. “From the back, you two are almost identical and I bet Peter will be so excited he won’t see the difference until it is too late.”