Chapter Twenty-Five

Edward and Bella spent almost an hour in the luxurious bath which Maggie had prepared for them. It was exactly what they needed after the long day. Even though tomorrow was going to be worse, they tried not to think about it. Once they were out of the tub and dried off, Edward left Bella in the bathroom to finish her nightly regimen and put on the sexy as fuck nightgown. He went into the bedroom, pulled on a pair of sleep pants, knowing they wouldn’t remain on very long. Next, he turned the bed down and opened the champagne, pouring two glasses. With all the candles flickering around the room, there was no need for more lighting, but there was one thing missing, music

Taking out his phone, he scrolled through songs until one popped out. It was the perfect song for them to dance to. Connecting to the home sound system, Edward places his iPhone on the dock and hits play. The beautiful melody of The Way You Look Tonight, sung by the great Tony Bennett, filled the room. 

Bella finished taking off her makeup, brushing her hair and teeth. She slipped on the thong and gown and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. “Damn,” she muttered out loud. Maggie really had great taste in lingerie. It was then when a rogue thought raced through her mind. Did Maggie buy such sexy lingerie for herself? If so, it was no wonder why Richard always looked so happy. She picked up her bottle of perfume, suddenly hearing the strands of music playing in the bedroom. After a quick spray, she took a deep breath and headed toward the bedroom. As she entered, she couldn’t help but gasp. She had seen nothing so romantic in her life, and the best part was her husband standing in the middle of the room.

Edward knew his heart stopped beating when he first saw her in the back of the limo and it stopped once again as he looked at her standing in the doorway. Closing the distance, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a kiss. Pouring all the love he had for her into it. He broke from the kiss and gave her a smile. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Edward.”

“Dance with me.”

Bella reached out and grasped his hand while he wrapped his arm around her waist. They began moving around the room, swaying to the music.

After a few moments, she laid her head against his chest and listened to the comforting rhythm of his heart. There was nowhere in the world she wanted to be for the rest of her life, but in the arms of this man. Her only prayer would be that after living a full and happy life, they would leave this world together, because there was no way she could live in a world where he was not by her side.

God, how he loved this woman. She was everything to him, and he would do anything to protect her. He finally understood what he had been missing. His entire adult life he had walked in darkness, never missing the light, until she came into his life. The radiance that glowed all around her brightened his dismal world to a brilliance so bright it almost hurt his eyes. He could never lose her. He would never make it without her. 

As the song ended, they looked into each other's eyes, which were so full of love. Pulling her towards the bed, he reached up and slipped the straps from her shoulders, pushing the delicate lace material down her sexy body. Once she was standing before him only wearing the tiny thong, he dropped to his knees. He started running his large hands up her tone legs, moving slowly until he reached her sweet smelling pussy. Using his teeth, he bit the waistband and pulled them until they pooled at her feet. "I'll make you come so hard that you'll see stars," he boasted, pushing her legs apart. Edward leaned forward, licking her slit, causing her to push her hips closer. 

“Edward,” she moaned, placing her hands into his hair. 

He smiled against her mound, loving the sounds of her moans. Taking his fingers, he spread her lips and revealed her swollen clit. Leaning forward once more, he took her clit between his lips and sucked. 

“HOLY SHIT!!” Bella screamed as waves of pleasure built through her body. Her orgasm loomed at its crest, ready to crash.

He could tell she was close, so he pushed two of his long fingers deep inside her hot opening while he continued sucking and nibbling her clit. Picking the speed of both his fingers and sucking until he felt her legs quiver. “COME FOR ME!” he demanded, biting down hard on her clit.

A  massive orgasm coursed through her body, causing her knees to give way. She would have fallen if Edward had not caught her. “Holy shit,” she wheezed, her body still shaking from the orgasm.

Edward stood, keeping his powerful arms around her legs as he lifted her and placed her on the bed. He looked down and admired her beauty. In one quick motion, his pajama bottoms were on the floor and his cock bounced across his abs. Crawling on top of her, he looked into her eyes. “I can’t believe I get to make love to you for the rest of our lives.”

“Me either,” she said, reaching up cupping his face. “And I look forward to every moment we will share.”

As he placed a kiss on her lips, his cock slid into her and he moaned against her lips. He would spend the rest of his life like this, buried deep inside of her hot pussy.

The overwhelming emotions pulsed between them as they moved together in perfect harmony. Even though they had sex in the back of the car after they married, this was different. Tonight wasn’t about sex or just getting off, it was about the connection they now shared. Some may say marriage is just a piece of paper and expensive rings. Those people have never found the one person who made them better just because they were near. 

“I’m going to come,” Bella moaned, lifting her hips, causing his cock to go deeper. 

“Me too,” he groaned, slipping his hand between them and stroking her swollen clit. He needed her to come first and quickly because he didn’t know if he could hold off his impending orgasm. He took her clit between his fingers and pinched it. “COME NOW!”

With the pleasurable pain and his commanding voice, her orgasm overtook every nerve in her body. Her quivering walls clamped down around his cock, which caused him to cry out her name and fill her with his orgasm. 

Edward thought he would never stop coming. This was the most intense orgasm he had ever had in his entire life. When he finally stopped, he collapsed on top of Bella. He didn’t want to crush her, but didn’t want to lose their connection. His chest was heaving as if he had just ran a marathon. Wrapping his arm around her, he rolled off her onto his back, bringing her with him. “Damn, wife, I think you are trying to become a widow,” Edward chuckled, as he tried to catch his breath. Their lovemaking was something off the charts.

Bella moved, so she was looking at him. “You can’t leave me,” she said, her voice full of fear over the thought of a life without him.

He brushed his knuckles across her jaw. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I promise to fight to be with you forever.” Sealing his declaration with a kiss of love and promise. 

They fell asleep after three in the morning, sated and exhausted from the multiple rounds of love making. 


“What is that horrible noise?” Bella groaned, throwing her arm over her head.

“It’s the alarm,” Edward answered, as he tried to open his eyes. A little over three hours of sleep would not be enough, but he wouldn’t have changed one moment of their night.

Bella rolled over and cuddled into Edward’s chest. “Can we just stay in bed all day?”

“Hmm, that has merit, but we have a busy day planned,” he replied, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“I know, but I am not looking forward to it,” Bella whined. She hated that she was going to have to deal with “him” again. 

Edward pushed her on her back, pushed her legs apart, and positioned himself between them. He leaned over her, placing his hands on either side of her. God, how he loved his wife, but today he was going to command complete submission from his submissive. “I know today is going to be hard, but remember, I will be beside you every step of the way.”

“I know I can get through this, because you will be with me.”

“Not just me, but your entire family,” he corrected, as he ran his finger along her delicate neck. “And this evening, I will demand your submission when I place my collar here.”

“I can’t wait to wear your collar and give you my complete submission,” Bella said, her voice full of conviction. She trusted her Master to protect her obedience.

“Fuck, we don’t have time for me to show how much I love you. We need to get up, shower, and eat breakfast before Nahuel arrives,” he groaned. 

She reached up and placed both hands on his face. “I know you love me.” Pulling his face down, she placed a short, sweet kiss on his lips. 

Before they got carried away, they got out of bed and got ready for their day. After a torturous shower, where they kept their hands off each other, they went into their closets and picked out what they were going to wear. Edward decided on a black suit, white shirt, and no tie. 

Bella had few options, since she had only packed what she thought she would need for Rose’s wedding events. She thought of the clothes she had at her condo and, as much as she loved them, she could never wear them again. His presence in her condo tainted everything she owned. The only thing she wanted was her pictures of her parents and her mother’s jewelry. She hoped he had taken none of them or damaged them. After studying what she had, she selected an emerald green top and a cream shirt with horizontal beading. Leaving her hair down, she allowed her natural waves to fall on her shoulders. 

“Damn, Mrs. Cullen, you look great,” Edward said, when he walked into her closet. 

“Thank you and so do you,” she said, her eyes roaming up and down his fucking sexy body.

“Come, I know we both could use some coffee and something to eat,” Edward said, holding out his arm for Bella to slip her arm through. 

As they made their way downstairs, they heard voices coming from the kitchen. When they walked in, they saw their family sitting around the kitchen table eating.

Maggie was by the stove flipping her special blueberry cream cheese filled French toast. She saw Edward and Bella walk in and she couldn’t help but sigh. They truly were a lovely couple. “Go have a seat and I’ll bring over your plates. The carafes are full of coffee.”

They went over to the table and Edward held out the empty seat next to his mom for Bella to sit and when she was seated, he sat down between her and his brother. Emmett leaned over and whispered. “Did you get a good night's sleep?” His eyes were full of mischief. 

“We did,” Edward answered with a wry smile. His and Bella’s lovemaking wasn’t anyone else’s business. 

“Edward, did you, you know?” Emmett quizzed, wiggling his eyebrows.

“EMMETT CULLEN!” Esme yelled. “You leave your brother alone or I will have him give me one of his cat-o-nines and tan your ass.”

Edward’s head whipped around and he stared at his mother with an open mouth. How the hell did she know about cat-o-nines? His eyes darted between his mother and father, his eyes searching for a sign that they were taking part in a Dominant/submissive relationship. If they were, they were not part of his clubs and he hadn’t seen evidence they were active. But his mother saying cat-o-nines meant she knew what it was and that he possibly had one in his playroom.

Esme grinned at her son. She could see his mind working hard to figure out how she knew about the whip. Turning away from Edward’s stare, she looked at Bella. “Would you like coffee?”

“Oh yes,” Bella said, trying not to laugh. Esme Cullen was an enigma, and she hoped one day to be just like her. 

After breakfast, everyone went into the den and waited for Nahuel to arrive. Bella had pulled up a copy of the NDA and had it available if he had a plan. She wanted to find a way out of it, but couldn’t allow herself to become excited. 

Edward looked over and saw Bella was wringing her hands. He hated how upset she was and wished he could take away all her pain. This should be their happy time. His phone buzzed and when he looked at the screen, he saw Nahuel had just been granted access to the compound. Placing his hand over Bella’s. “He has arrived. Come, let’s welcome him at the door.” 

Bella stood and took Edward’s hand. She pushed down all the unease and put on a strong face. “He” would not make her a victim again. This time was very different. She wasn’t alone. They arrived at the front door and Edward opened it and they stepped out. A black older model BMW pulled around the circle and the driver's door opened. He was tall, with dark olive skin, black short hair, and dressed in a black two piece suit.

Nahuel pulled down his jacket and pulled out his briefcase from the car. He had been up most of the night researching NDAs and how to dissolve them. Walking towards the front door, he saw Edward Cullen with a stunningly beautiful woman at his side. This must be his wife, Bella. 

“Mr. Padro, welcome to the Cullen Compound,” Edward said, holding out his hand. 

Nahuel placed his hand in Edward’s and shook. “Thank you for having me. And this must be Mrs. Cullen?”

“Yes, Bella, this is Nahuel Padro,” Edward said, as he looked lovingly down at her.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Cullen, but I wish it was under better circumstances.”

“As we do also,” Bella said, giving him a tight smile. “Please, come into our home.”

Edward couldn’t help but smile at her comment. It was their home, and she was the mistress. They ushered Nahuel to the den, where their family was seated. When they walked in, they all stood. “Nahuel Padro, this is our family, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen and his fiancee Rosalie King.”

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Nahuel said.

“Mr. Padro, please have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee?” Esme asked.

“That would be wonderful, thank you,” Padro answered, taking a chair which was positioned in front of a soft leather couch. 

Once everyone was seated with a cup of coffee, Edward looked towards Nahuel. “I hope you could find something that can help us dissolve this NDA.”

Placing his cup on the table, Nahuel sat back. “NDAs are very tricky and without seeing the one in question, it is difficult to answer your question.”

“I have a copy of the NDA, but I can’t give it to you,” Bella instructed. 

“That is correct, but if you hire me as your attorney, I have the right to review all legal documents of my client,” Nahuel advised.

Bella looked at Edward. They had discussed the possible plan of hiring Nahuel as both their personal and business attorney. Wanting to leave their final decision until they had met him face to face. Edward smiled, gave her a nod, and reached in his jacket pocket, pulling out the retainer check. Bella took it and didn’t bat an eye at the amount. Handing it over to Nahuel, she watched to see his expression. Edward had said this was the test to see if he handled the unexpected well.

Nahuel took the check and looked at the amount. He had prepared for this test and he hoped his face showed no emotion. Folding the check in half, he slipped it into his jacket pocket and looked at the couple. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Now, Mrs. Cullen, please let me see the NDA.”

“I need your email address,” she said.

Nahuel handed over one of his business cards with all his information on it. Bella took it and emailed him attaching the NDA. He received her email and opened the NDA, and began reading. Fuck, whomever wrote this knew what they were doing. After reading every word, he closed the document and looked up. “I’m sorry to say but it is an iron clad agreement.”

“There has to be something we can do,” Edward said.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Cullen is bound to the agreement.”

“Damn it. I should have taken the fucker out when I kicked him out of the club,” Edward growled, his hands in fists.

“Excuse me, did you say you threw him out of the club?” Nahuel asked.

“Yes. As you know, there are strict bylaws in the club and when he” disobeyed her safe word, “he” broke the most sacred rule. I didn’t know Bella at the time, other than her membership application and references, but I couldn’t allow this to happen. When the counsel was called to determine “his” membership, I flew out and placed my vote in person,” Edward explained.

“How did you know of the attack?” Nahuel asked.

“When Bella called the police, an ambulance was also dispatched for her. In the ambulance was an EMT by the name of Riley Biers, who was an active Dominant at the club with Bella and him”. As he assisted in caring for her wounds, he asked her who had done this to her and she told him her Master. Then she told him she had used her safe word, but “he” didn’t stop.”

“So you know his name without Mrs. Cullen telling you what it is?” Nahuel questioned.

“Yes,” Edward replied.

“Well, I think we have a way of not breaking the NDA, but still informing the police who it is,” Nahuel said with a smile.