Chapter Twenty-Eight

Nineteen minutes later, Bella was in her inspection pose in her Master’s playroom. To herself, she was reciting the submissive’s prayer to get into the right mindset. This was their first official weekend as Dominant/submissive. She couldn’t help but be a little nervous, but not because she was afraid Edward would break the limits they had set forth. No, she was nervous because it had been a long time since she had been in a signed, committed relationship. 

After finishing her prayer, she evaluated her position, making sure it was perfect. She inhaled in a deep breath and exhaled, allowing the calmness of being in a playroom to wrap around her. Her Master hadn’t come in the room yet, though she expected he was testing her and she would not fail at such a simple task. 

Edward removed his jacket and decided against changing into his worn jeans he liked to wear in the playroom. Although they had a limited amount of time, he had a plan for what they would do. He finally wanted to put his collar around her neck. At first he had wanted a collaring ceremony, but with everything that had been occuring, he knew Isabella needed the symbol of their commitment sooner. 

Before leaving his room, he took the collar from its box and slipped it into his pocket. He walked to the playroom and shut the door behind him. Edward looked at the spot where the pillow had been placed for Isabella, and found her in the inspection position, just as he had instructed. The sheer kimono had fallen off her shoulders and circled her hips. Her head was bowed and her perfect breasts were bare with her nipples hard, waiting for him to do with them as he pleased.

He walked around her, taking in every inch of her skin. She was perfection and he couldn’t help but smile knowing she was his. Coming around her until he was directly in front of her, he stopped and waited. The anticipation of what would come pulsed between them. “Are you ready to serve me?” he asked.

Bella went to open her mouth, then stopped herself. He had not given her permission to answer.

Edward reached out and stroked her head. “Very good, my pet, you may answer.”

“Yes, Master, this submissive is ready to serve you.”

“Raise your face and look at me,” he commanded.

Without a second of delay, she raised her face and looked into his piercing green eyes. Her heart raced with the knowledge of who he was to her. He was her husband, her lover, the future father of her children, and in this moment he was her Master.

Edward pulled the heavy platinum chain with the diamond pendant from his pocket. “Will you accept this collar as a symbol of your submission to me, knowing I take it as a precious gift and will never break the trust you have placed in me as your Master? You may answer.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered, her voice strong and even.

Edward walked behind her, moved her long hair to the side and slipped the necklace around her neck. Using the special key, he fastened the special lock he had commissioned. When he was finished he bent down and placed a kiss on the back of her neck, making her shiver. He chuckled as he straightened back up and walked back in front of her. The sight of his collar around her delicate neck made his cock extend from hard to titanium. “Thank me for allowing you to wear my collar by sucking my cock.”

Bella licked her lips and reached out, unbuckled his belt, undid the button, and unzipped the zipper, taking care not to snag it on his plunging cock. Grasping the waistband of his pants, she pulled them down enough to gain access. Leaning forward she licked the bead of cum which escaped his engorged tip, damn she loved the taste of him. She opened her mouth and took as much of his length as she could. Bobbing her head, pulling his cock deeper into her mouth and down her throat. The first two times she gagged, but she finally relaxed and his thickness slid further down her throat.

“Damn, my pet, you suck my cock so good,” Edward moaned, placing his hand in her hair and pulling.

The combination of the pain, the taste, and the fullness was sending Bella towards an orgasm. She knew she couldn’t come without her Master’s permission and she would do everything possible not to orgasm. She continued her worship of his cock in hopes she could bring him to orgasm soon or she was going to be in trouble.

No other submissive had made him reach this point of near orgasm so quickly. Her hot little mouth knew how to manipulate his cock. “I am coming pet, you better swallow all I give you.”

Bella swirled her tongue around his length and felt the first long strings of cum shoot deep in her throat. Slurping the mass amount of cum, making sure not to allow one drop to escape her mouth. When he finished, she cleaned his cock completely before she pulled away and then tucked it back into his pants. 

“Very good, my pet,” Edward praised. “Stand.”

She got to her feet, but kept her eyes lowered. He didn’t say another word, but she heard him walk away, then heard drawers being opened and closed. She didn’t know what to expect, but she trusted him.

Edward picked out a black blindfold and silk tie to bind her hands. He was pleased she had lowered her eyes so she wouldn’t see what he had planned for her. Coming back to her, he surveyed her glorious body. “My pet, we will be using the three word system. Green, if you are fine with what we are doing. Yellow, if you are unsure or need me to slow down. Most importantly Red. You say Red and all play stops. Do you understand and agree, my pet?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Excellent, put your hands out in front of you,” he commanded, when she did so with hesitation, he wrapped the silk tie around them. Taking the blindfold, he placed it over her head and slipped it down to cover her eyes. “What color are we?”

“Green, Master,” she purred.

Taking hold of her elbow, he led her over to the far wall. “I am going to assist you to the floor,” he said, as he lowered her to the mat he had placed there earlier. Not saying a word, he turned on the fireplace and placed candles all around her. Her skin glowed in the flickering lights. She was a goddess and by some miracle she was his in every way possible.

Stripping off his shirt, he picked up the rabbit flogger and dragged it across her breasts, before striking them, causing her to arch her back, though she didn’t murmur a sound. Her trust and obedience was a special gift. “I want to hear how good this makes you feel, don’t deny me your sounds of pleasure.” 

Suddenly, in the quietness of the room, Bella heard the clicking sound of a camera taking a picture. It startled her for a moment, as she wondered why he was taking pictures of her. What was he going to do with them? Her panic rose. “YELLOW.”

Edward dropped the flogger to the floor and bent down beside her. Taking off her blindfold, he stroked the side of her face. “What is wrong, my love?”

“I heard the camera,” she whispered.

“Yes, I am taking pictures for our personal enjoyment only. I promise you, my love, they will never leave this room. Your submission is so beautiful and I wanted you to see it for yourself,” he explained. “Are you okay for us to continue?”

Taking a deep breath, she allowed herself to calm down. She trusted him. “I am Green, Master.”

He replaced the blindfold and stood, picking up the flogger. Striking at first softly, he increased the amount of pressure with each strike..

As another strike of the flogger came down on the side of her breast, she let out a sound between a moan and a scream. The pain was heaven and if he continued, she would be on the brink of an orgasm very soon. 

“Spread your legs,” he commanded, the candlelight capturing the glistening wetness coating her clit and lips. Her swollen nub was protruding between her lips, begging to be touched. Taking careful aim, a skill he had mastered from years in the playroom, the flogger’s long tentacles swished directly across the engorged clit. The clicking of the shutter of the camera, the timer taking a picture every sixty seconds, could be heard in the background. He couldn’t wait to see and share the images with her.

“YES, MASTER,” she screamed as a wave of pleasure traveled through every cell of her body. Just as she somewhat edged back from the pleasure, the flogger came down once more. She was close to coming, yet she needed her Master’s permission to do so. “May I come, Master?”

“No,” Edward replied. 

“Please,” she cried.

“I said no,” he growled. He dropped to his knees between her legs. Taking the handle of the flogger, which was covered is fine braided leather, and rubbed between her outer lips. She was sopping wet, so much so, she was forming a puddle on the mat beneath her. After a few more swipes, he laid the flogger down and leaned forward. Untying her, he grasped both her hands. He moved forward, flattening his tongue against her pussy, and licked slowly to the top. He sucked in her swollen clit and bit down. Her cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room. 

“Master please, may I come,” she begged, her orgasm so close she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep it at bay.

Raising his eyes so he could watch her reaction. He continued sucking hard before biting down. Never taking his mouth fully away, he commanded. “COME NOW ON MY TONGUE!”

“AHH, FUCK!” she exclaimed as she arched completely off of the mat, her orgasm ripped down her body and the pleasure swelled within her very soul. 

Edward continued sucking and biting her clit, prolonging the orgasm as long as he could. She was stunning all the time, however, when she was climaxing, she was magnificent. He just had to be inside of her. His cock was painfully hard. Releasing her clit, he stood up and gazed down at her body as the last of her orgasm pulsed through her. Reaching down, he picked her up, placing her legs around his waist and walked her across the room.

Placing her on the bed, he walked over to the camera and moved it to face towards the bed. He stripped off his pants and crawled over her body. Removing her blindfold he waited for her eyes to adjust. “What color are you?”

“So Green, Master,” she purred. Her heart was racing and skin prickled at his closeness.

“Do not hold back. Come as much and as often as you can,” he said, as he thrust forward filling her completely with his thick, long, cock. There was nowhere in the world he would rather be than here. With a strong, powerful thrust, he rocked into her hot pussy. 

She lifted her hips slightly, giving his cock a different angle, which caused an immediate orgasm, surprising her. Damn, he owned her body and soul. Putting her arms onto his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh as another orgasm began building. 

Edward felt her walls tightening and knew she was close to another orgasm. He was on the brink himself, so he leaned down, taking one of her hardened nipples between his teeth. “COME AGAIN, ISABELLA!” he demanded, biting her nipple, causing her to cry out in both pain and pleasure. Her walls clamped down on his cock, causing his orgasm, sending hot cum deep inside of her.

Bella felt as if she was floating. Her entire body was so relaxed, she didn’t even think she could even walk. 

Edward collapsed on top of her, every ounce of energy gone. “Damn, woman, are you trying to kill me?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” she giggled.

He rolled off her and pulled her close. “Thank you for your submission. The scene is over.”

“You are very welcome, Master.”


Peter Whitlock was furious. He had gotten a call warning him that the police were looking for him. If that bitch Bella had spoken to them about him, he would have her ass arrested.

He needed an alibi, and fast. Currently, he is hiding out in a hotel, planning his next move. Pacing back and forth, his thoughts were of his very naughty submissive. He was going to make her pay for this. Suddenly, he heard her name on the television.

“This is Betsy McCloud with TV3 news. Boston’s most eligible bachelor is officially off the market. That’s right ladies, Edward Cullen was married yesterday in a private ceremony to Isabella Swan, or Bella as she likes to be called. They made a formal announcement at the home of Edward Cullen, at the Cullen compound, where Edward and Isabella were surrounded by the Cullen family members and Superior Court Judge Aro Volturi of Rhode Island, who presided over the ceremony. The new Mrs. Cullen is also the same woman who was spotted with Mr. Cullen earlier this week. We were not told how long they had been together, or when they met. We will keep a close eye on the couple and will bring you any updates. We here at TV3 news send our heartfelt congratulations on the happy couple’s nuptials.”

Rage tore through Peter as he looked at the video of Edward Cullen putting his hands on his submissive. This bastard not only kicked him out of the club, but now has married his property. Picking up the lamp, he threw it at the tv shattering the screen. Peter continued to rip, throw, and destroy everything he could get his hands on in the room. How dare Bella to open her fucking legs to another man? His phone rang, and he looked at the screen, seeing that it was the chick from the party.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi, is this Jason?”

“Yes, but that is my business pseudonym. My friends and family call me Peter.”

“Oh, well, this is Tia. We met at a party last week.”

“I remember. How are you and your sister, Leah?” 

“We are doing okay. Bored with all the pre-wedding activities,” Tia said. She and Leah were hanging out in their room when they got word that Smella had trapped Edward into marrying her.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Would you two like to go out and have some fun with me tonight?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, we would,” Tia answered, excited to see Jason or Peter again. She already knew he had money from the watch he was wearing at the party. 

“I’m in the city right now, so why don’t you two take an Uber and I will meet you here,” he instructed. These two might just be the alibi he was needing. 

“What should we wear?” Tia asked.

Peter thought for a moment. He needed to impress these girls to get them to willingly give him an alibi. “Definitely something fancy.”


“Yes. I will meet you in front of The Liberty Boston at five,” Peter said. This would give him time to slip out of this hotel and find his way there without being seen by police. Good thing he still had his other false identity documents. His father had them forged for him after Bella lied about her so-called attack. He would just have to come up with a cover story for Tia and Leah.

“We will be there,” Tia giggled.

After hanging up with Tia, Peter looked around the room. Damn, he had allowed his temper to get the best of him. It was all Bella’s fault and soon he would make her pay. Gathering his clothes, he packed his suitcase and wiped down the room. He had paid for the room with a prepaid card and used an alias. Leaving the room, he put out the do not disturb sign, which would buy him a little more time to escape. Once out of the hotel, he put his sunglasses on and headed down the street. He needed a plan, and the sisters were going to help him. 


Leah and Tia giggled as they walked out of the room. “Can you believe we are going to The Liberty Boston?” Leah asked.

“I know. Jason, I mean Peter, must have more money than I thought. Remember, he might be just the person we need to help daddy out of his financial problems,” Tia said. 

“I wonder why he was going by Jason, even though his name was Peter?” Leah wondered. 

“Rich people sometimes have to go by an alias for their protection.”

“Miss Tia and Leah, are you going somewhere?” Felix asked. He had just finished his rounds and was on the way back to the office when he overheard the two problem bridesmaids talking. Not really thinking anything about the conversation until he heard the name Peter. Even though it was a common name, he didn’t like coincidences. 

“We have plans in town,” Leah said.

“You are not going to the party tonight?” he asked.

“Maybe it all depends on our date’s plans for the evening,” Tia replied.

“I hope he is taking you somewhere nice,” Felix said, giving them a smile.

“Oh my goddess yes, The Liberty Boston,” Leah gushed. After their phone call, they pulled up the hotel’s website and were impressed.

“Our Uber is at the gate,” Tia advised, looking at her phone.

“Have a pleasant time, ladies,” Felix said, giving them a wave. As soon as they were out of hearing range, he pulled out his phone and called Sam. “I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but the two slutty bridesmaids are meeting with a guy named Peter in town this evening.”

For some reason, he had a gut feeling that they were meeting Peter Whitlock and if so, why. Sam responded immediately, as though he was on the same wavelength, “Put two men on them. Make sure they are equipped for audio as well as video.”

“I’ll put two men on them then. I’ll be in touch, Sam.” Felix was hoping that this is the break they needed.