Edward and Emmett sat with Demetri in the control center watching how Angela was handling Peter. Two security guards were outside of the door waiting for any signs of distress from Mistress Angela. However, she was in complete control of a sobbing Peter, who was shackled to the St. Andrews rotating cross. After she had stunned him with the cattle prod, she made quick work cutting away his clothes and cuffing him. She only asked for assistance to secure him onto the cross. After placing his tiny cock in a toothed cock ring, Angela was about to fuck his ass with the cattle prod. Peter would be unable to prevent his excitement and as his tiny dick grew, the teeth of the ring would dig into the skin. The pain would be excruciating and prolonged use would cause permanent damage.

Bella had decided not to watch. She didn’t know what Angela had in mind for Peter, but she didn’t want to see Peter’s naked body ever again. Edward understood why she didn’t want to watch and had called Rose and Emmett to join them at the club. They were able to slip away from the party, with  Esme and Carlisle running interference to whomever happened to notice their absence. 

When they arrived at the club, Emmett joined Edward in the control room, while Bella and Rose were escorted upstairs to Edward’s private playroom. He had only used the room twice and that was when the club had held a demonstration party for newcomers. Most of the time it was used for visiting prominent Dominants who needed a room to play in, but required a higher level of secrecy. Even though Edward didn’t use it, he took pride in the equipment and toys which equipped the room. He even had a custom designer come in and plan the layout and coloring of the room. Like all the other rooms in the club, this one had cameras for the safety of both the Dominant and submissive.

Edward knew he should be watching the screen where Angela was with Peter. However, he couldn’t take his eyes off Bella as she described to Rose pieces of equipment in the room, as well as toys he had in the cabinets. With each piece she touched, he could see himself using it on her. Bringing her unfathomable pleasure and making her cry out in ecstasy.

He watched as Rose picked up two butt plugs and gave a curious look. 

“Why are there different sizes?” Rose asked.

Bella giggled over the question. “Have you ever had anal sex?”

“No,” Rose answered as her face bloomed in a dark shade of pink.

“Well, I don’t know how large Emmett’s penis is and I don’t want to. But to make the first time enjoyable, you need to stretch the opening to accommodate his size,” Bella explained as she pointed to the progression of the plugs.

“Oh, so I guess you have done it before?” Rose stuttered, her face turning pink.

“Yes,” Bella answered with a sigh as she remembered Edward sinking his hard thick cock in her ass while he had her fuck herself with a dildo which he had casted to resemble his. 

“And you like it?”

“Very much,” Bella divulged with a small moan.

“Holy shit!” Emmett exclaimed. They had spoken at length about exploring a relationship inside of the community, but anal sex hadn’t been brought up. However, the thought of his lovely Rose’s virgin hole made him hard. 

Edward slapped his hand on Emmett’s back. “Does all kinds of things to our bodies knowing what they want to explore. You are just in the beginning my brother and when you finally give yourself completely over to your Dominant,” Edward said, then paused. He couldn’t assume who was going to be the Dominant in their relationship. “Or submissive qualities, you will find extraordinary mental and physical enlightenment.”

“Yeah, but we have a lot to learn,” Emmett confessed, thinking about what Edward had said.

“You do, but it is so worth it,” Edward said with a sly grin. “Now let’s concentrate on what Mistress Angela is doing to poor Peter.

T & O

Mistress Angela circled Peter who was now cuffed and gagged to the St. Andrews cross. “Well, well, well, I understand you have been a very bad boy.”

Peter couldn’t understand what was happening. He was supposed to be teaching Bella a lesson, but instead this bitch shocked him and tied him up. He mumbled against the gag for the bitch to let him go. 

“Oh, I didn’t make that out. Oops I forgot about this,” Angela said rubbing her long nailed finger against the ball gag. Digging her nail behind the gag strap, slicing Peter’s face in the process, she pulled the gag down. 

As soon as the ball was out of the mouth, Peter started screaming. “YOU FUCKING BITCH! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE MESSING WITH? I AM PETER WHITLOCK.”

Angela reaches up and slapped Peter across the face, leaving a bright red palm print on his face. “Don’t call me a bitch,” she growled.

“BITCH!!” Peter yelled, spit spraying out of the mouth.

Angela gave him a smile before going over to the table and picking up the cattle prod. 

Peter saw what she had in her hand. The fucking cattle prod she had previously used on him. “Don’t even think about using that again. I will fucking kill you when I get loose.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your Mistress doesn’t allow such language being said in her presence,” Angela said, her voice soft and sweet. After this was over, she would have to take a long shower and scrub his evilness from her body. There was something in his eyes which made her blood run cold. Scrapping her special manicured nails along his stomach, she noticed that as much as he was protesting, his cock was growing hard. As he did, the ring’s teeth began digging into the tender skin of his dick.


“Oh my pet, we are only beginning to play,” Angela said, running her nails against his skin. The cuts weren’t deep, a little deeper than a paper cut, but the tender skin began to trickle with blood. Stepping around to his back, Angela ran the cold metal prod down his back to his ass, pushing into his tight ass without any lubrication.  

“FUCK! THAT HURTS!” he yelled as the metal tore into his tender ass. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but it could be worse. “You better not shock me again, bitch,” Peter growled and then moaned. “I’ve killed for less.”

Angela stood still at that omission. What did he mean by that? She knew from what Edward had told her a little bit of what he had done to Bella, but had he done worse to other women? Glancing up to the camera, she took a deep breath and decided how she was going to get Peter to tell her more. “My pet I can’t believe you would hurt a fly,” she said into his ear. Pulling the prod from his ass, she turned it on. The hum of the motor echoed throughout the room.

Peter began to laugh a haunting chuckle. “Keep saying that and when I get loose I will show you just how bad I hurt those ten bitches. Turn that prod off or I will demonstrate just how much I can hurt you.”

“And what did you do to them?” Angela asked.

“I fucking cut them up. The sight of the blood pouring out of the body made my cock so fucking hard and I jacked off over top of them as they slipped into the darkness,” Peter chuckled. He could remember the look on each of their faces as their heart beat its last.

Angela shivered over the confession. She wanted nothing more than to run from the room and never look at Peter again. “And what did you do with them?”

“Dad took care of cleaning up the mess. He has lots of experience in the matter and loves the coldest of the bodies.”

“What do you mean, he has experience?” Angela asked.

“Where do you think I learned how to enjoy doing it? Dad has been taking out disobedient bitches for decades,” Peter confessed. “Hell, he took care of that whore of a mother when I was just thirteen and he gave me the pleasure of watching him do it.”

“Your father killed your mother and you watched?” Angela questioned.

“Yeah, bitch. He caught her looking at another man. Now let me go, so I can fucking make you pay for shocking me. Then I am going to find that whore Bella and make her pay for allowing the fucker Cullen to touch her,” Peter growled, pulling at the restraints.

Edward and Emmett had been shocked listening to the conversation and couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Did he just confess to murder?” Emmett asked.

“Yes and has thrown his father under the bus,” Edward replied. “We need to get Angela out of there and get the police involved. Sam, call Jacob and have him come over so we can show him the tape. I’m going to go get Angela out of the room.”

“Mr. Cullen, I don’t think that is wise,” Sam said.

“I’ll be fine. We are not going to release him from his restraints and I will take the two guards outside the door in with me,” Edward explained.

“I don’t like it,” Sam muttered, picking up his phone and calling Jacob. 

While Sam was on the phone, Edward and Emmett headed to the playroom where Angela was at. When they got to the door, Edward explained what was happening and what he was going to do. 

“Emmett stay out here and when I send Angela out, take her to the control center. Jacob will want to talk to her,” Edward said.

“But shouldn’t I go in there with you,” Emmett asked.

“I need you to take care of Angela. After you drop her off at the control center, go to my playroom and make sure the girls don’t leave. I will come when Peter is taken into custody,” Edward instructed. Emmett gave him a nod and went to do as his brother asked. 

Edward opened the door and stepped inside with the two guards right behind him. As soon as he did, Peter looked at him. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the great Edward fucking Cullen. You have led everyone to believe you are a big bad Dominant, but you send in a little woman to do your dirty work.”

“Angela, I’ll take it from here,” Edward said in a strong, even voice. He wasn’t going to allow Peter to  bait him into losing his temper.

Placing the cattle prod on the table, Angela walked past Peter and to Edward. She leaned in close to him and whispered. “Don’t get close to him. He is very dangerous.”

Edward reached out and gave her shoulder a squeeze. “Go with Emmett he will take care of you.”

Angela slipped out of the door and into Emmett’s waiting arms. Edward motioned for the guard to shut the door. He turned and walked over to where Peter was shackled to the cross. “So I finally meet the man who harmed my lovely wife.”

“She is not yours. Bella is mine,” Peter said through gritted teeth.

Edward held up his ring finger and showed Peter the band of gold. “She wears my ring on her finger, carries my name,” Edward declared, then leaned forward. “And opens her sweet pussy to me anytime I want.”


“Well, Peter, I don't think you will have a chance, since you will be living your last days in a cell,” Edward said with a wicked smile.

“You have nothing on me and that whore that was in here earlier, her testimony will be torn apart by my attorney.”

Reaching into his jacket pocket, Edward pulled out a copy of the contract that Peter signed when he came into the club. The very one he didn’t read. “Do you know what this is?” Edward asked, holding up the contract in front of Peter.

“The measly document the fag had me sign earlier.”

“Hmm, let me read you a couple of the paragraphs of the contract,” Edward said. “I, the signee, understand and do hereby agree to have any and all of my time spent in Dark Sensations video and audio taped. All such tapes will be made available at any time to authorities, if during the time, a crime was committed or if a declaration of a crime was declared.”

Peter’s eyes grew large. Fuck, how had he not read the contract before signing. Damn, Bella was the reason. He was in a hurry to get to her, he failed to do so. Shit, this was really bad and his father was going to be angry. “I will tell every news outlet about what I used to do to your lovely wife. I’ve got hundreds of photos of her.”

Edward’s expression never faltered as he reached back in and pulled out the NDA. “Well I guess you will be making me even richer than I already am, because you agreed in this Non Disclosure Agreement that if you spoke of anything that went on here or anything about Isabella Swan Cullen you will have to pay me, Edward Cullen, one million dollars for each incident.”

Rage burned through Peter. He was so fucking mad at Edward Cullen, but also at himself. For the last fifteen years he had been able to do whatever he pleased to the women he lured into his home and only once had he used his father’s leverage. He should have just killed Bella that night, but he loved the look of her skin as he sliced away at it and he wanted to do it over and over again. “I’ll get out of this, just like before and you will never find any of their bodies.”

Before Edward could answer, a voice cleared behind him. “Peter Whitlock, I am Detective Jacob Black of the Boston Police Department and I am here to place you under arrest.”

Edward turned and walked out of the room, allowing the officers to do their job. He needed to find Bella and wrap his arms around her. It was finally over and now they could start their married life without fear of Peter Whitlock and his family. 


“The last week has been very distressing for the Whitock family and Green family of Seattle. As we reported earlier this week, Peter Whitlock was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and breaking and entering with the intent to do bodily harm. During the investigation, Detective Jacob Black, son of the defunct attorney, William Black who is scheduled to go to trail for embezzling over twenty-five million dollars from his client, Edward Cullen, acquired a video and audio confession of Mr. Whitlock admitting to multiple murders. We have learned that he is now working with the police to receive a lighter sentence, and has turned state’s witness against his father Grant Whitlock for the murder of his first wife Grace and at least fifteen other murders of women over the last twenty-five years. William Green was arrested yesterday on charges of child prostitution and rape. His daughters, Tia and Leah Green were arrested for giving false statements to the Boston PD when they provided an alibi for Peter Whitlock when they were nowhere near him at the time of the crime. We will bring you more details as we receive them. This is Maggie Turner, channel five news.”

“Thank you Maggie. In other news, yesterday was the wedding of Emmett and Rosalie Cullen. The family has released a statement along with a picture of the bride and groom. The statement reads: Esme and I are blessed to have Rosalie join our family today. We thank all those who helped make the last two weeks a special event for them. As we reported earlier, their eldest son Edward eloped with his beautiful wife, and our new daughter, Isabella Swan.”

The entire family was in Emmett and Rosalie’s new home watching the news. Rose had been shocked when Emmett presented her with the key to their home at their wedding reception. They spent their wedding night in the home, but would be boarding the jet this afternoon to head out to the honeymoon in Africa.

“Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the arrests were made,” Emmett said.

“Well, I think your mother might have called in a few of her favors,” Carlisle advised, placing a kiss on her head. No one messes with Esme Cullen’s family. 

“Just a few and I have more if they don’t get what I think they deserve.”

Laughter echoed through the room at Esme’s comment. “When are you and Bella leaving for your honeymoon?” Carlisle asked.

“Not until the new club opens,” Edward answered.

“And what are your plans?” Esme inquired.

“We are going to take the yacht down the coast to the Bahamas,” Bella replied.

“Oh that sounds like a lot of fun,” Esme gushed. “It sounds very romantic and you never know, we might have more exciting news.” 

“Mom,” Edward exclaimed, wrapping his arm around Bella’s waist and pulling her closer. They were going to announce their intentions, but Bella’s Depo Shot was due next week and she wasn’t going to get it. They knew it might take a while to become pregnant, but they planned on spending endless hours on the yacht trying.

“What? I have finally got my two boys married to wonderful girls and now I want lots of grand babies to spoil rotten,” Esme said, her eyes twinkling with delight.

Carlisle took Esme's hand and pulled her closer to him as he turned to Emmett and Rose, “I know you two are about to leave for the airport. Have fun and call us when you can.”

“We will dad and thank you for making our wedding so special,” Emmett said.

“Our pleasure and we will have a reception in the fall when Edward and Bella get back from their trip,” Esme advised.

“Come on love, let’s go enjoy the peace and quiet,” Edward said, as he leaned down and placed a kiss on Bella’s neck. They walked out of the house and headed towards their home hand in hand. Two weeks ago they were two lost souls wandering through life, then suddenly they met and for the first time in their lives they were whole. Love, life, and commitment all come down to three little words…Trust and Obey.