The family was called together once again to Bella and Edward’s home for a meeting. On the agenda for the wedding events, tonight was movie night in the backyard and the party planners were already setting up. A large screen was being erected in the garden and spread out on the grass were blankets, pillows, and oversize chairs. Along the edge, they would place long tables set up as a concession stand of movie foods, several popcorn machines, and alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for the guests to enjoy. Edward called in a favor for the movie which would be shown. The producer, director, and lead were all members of his LA club. He was exceptional at keeping the secret about their alternative life style, the kinky fuckers.  But that mutual relationship was beneficial, Edward always had access to new movies coming out. The star of this movie had been in the community since he hit the big times, starring in his first lead role with the sexy Kristen Stewart. It was a toss up between Rob’s new movie or Kristen’s, but Edward knew Emmett would love an action movie.

Once his family had arrived and everyone was seated in the den, Edward got up to tell them what had been happening with Peter. “Bella and I wanted to give you an update about what is happening with Peter. Earlier this morning, we received a phone call from Nahuel. He informed us that Peter was picked up and questioned about the break in' at Bella’s condo. He told the police he had two people who could vouch for his whereabouts at the time of the crime.”

“WHAT?” Esme growled. “Who is his alibi?”

“Mom, we already know the people who vouched for him lied and we have proof. However, his family has called in the slimy attorney, who is pulling every trick in the book. Right now they are not going forward with prosecution until they get more evidence against him.”

“Who lied for him?” Carlisle asked, holding onto Esme’s hand. He could feel the rage pouring off her.

“Leah and Tia,” Bella answered.

“I KNEW THOSE BITCHES WERE NO GOOD!” Esme yelled. “I am going to destroy them and their family.”

“Mom, please calm down,” Emmett urged.

Esme was beyond furious. She had kept a close eye on those two bitches and had even sent her personal investigator to Seattle to find everything they could about the Green family. The information she got back made her blood run cold. Not only had Leah and Tia’s father swindled hundreds of hard-working people out of the life savings, but he was also under suspicion of supplying his rich buddies with underage girls for their sexual pleasure. Since he had cops, judges, and government officials in his pocket and as clients, he had been able to stay out of jail. William Green makes Jeffrey Epstein look like an angel. 

“It is all my fault,” Rose cried. “If I hadn’t asked them to be bridesmaids, they wouldn’t be here, causing all these problems.”

Bella got up and came over to Rose, placing her arm around her. “Then I guess it is my fault as well.  I should have told you how they treated me, instead I kept it to myself. None of us blame you for their actions, Rose, you didn’t know.” Reaching up, Bella wiped the tears from her eyes. “Now, Edward has a plan and we are going to need all your help.”

“Yes, we do,” Edward said. “Peter is a sick bastard and will not stop with his obsession with Bella. So we need to get him on tape confessing what he has done and also give him a taste of his own medicine.”

“What do you have planned?” Emmett asked.

Edward and Sam explained their plan. They gave each person their assignment and when to engage their portion of the plan. When the meeting concluded, they opened up the discussion for questions.

“Do you have anyone in mind who will pose for Bella at the club?” Carlisle asked.

“I have made a call to a Domme who looks very similar to Bella, and with the lighting I have planned, he won’t be able to tell the difference until it is too late,” Edward explained.

“The room is going to tape both audio and video. We will turn it over to the police after we make our own copies. If, by some chance, the asshole gets out of it, we will release the tapes to every news outlet in the country. Also, when he arrives at the club, he will have to fill out the standard paperwork, one of those being an NDA. Nahuel has designed one which is more stringent than the one Bella was forced to sign. If he breaks the NDA, he has to pay ten million dollars for every instance,” Sam said, then looked up at Emmett. “We have also concluded our investigation of Jasper and Alice.”

“And?” Emmett asked.

“They are in the clear,” Sam answered. “Jasper hates Peter with a passion and is trying to stay as far away from his family as possible.”

“I am happy to hear that. Jasper has always been a good friend,” Emmett said.

Edward’s phone began to ring, signaling a call from the final piece of the puzzle. “Mistress Angela.”

“Master Edward, how are you? I saw on the news that you got married. Congratulations. I hope you will bring her to the club and introduce her to everyone,” Angela said.

“I plan on it. The reason for my call is that I find myself in need of your assistance on a delicate matter.”

“Anything,” Angela said. Edward Cullen had helped her navigate her way into the community over ten years ago. She came to the club wanting to train as a submissive, but Edward saw something in her which had appeared hidden for most of her adult life and that was the need to be in charge. 

“We have an issue with a man who claims he is a Dominant, yet he is nothing more than an abusive asshole using the Dominant title as an umbrella to validate his behavior. He has broken the trust with at least one submissive that I am aware of, but I am of the opinion that this is not a one time incident,” Edward explained. 

“Fucker,” Angela growled. She hated Dominants or Dominatrixes, who broke the most important rule in the community. 

“My feelings exactly, and that is why I am asking for your help. You bear a strong resemblance to my wife, who is the victim that the fucker is intent on possessing. We want to lure him into the club, thinking he is going to find Bella, but in fact, you are going to be there. I, of course, will have security everywhere in the club and you will never be in any danger.”

“Oh, Edward, I won’t be in any danger, but this asshole will be,” Angela chuckled.

Edward couldn’t help but laugh. He had seen Angela in action, and Peter was going to be hurting after she got through with him. “Be at the club tonight at ten. You will be in your regular room with all your required equipment and toys.”

“Excellent. Is there anything specific I need to demonstrate to him for breaking the rules?” Angela asked.

Edward looked at Bella to see if she wanted him to feel what she felt. When she shook her head no, it didn’t surprise him. Bella had a pure soul, while Peter’s was beyond redemption. “No, Angela, just make sure he understands the physical penalty for breaking the rules.”

“Alright. I’ll be in my room at nine thirty waiting,” Angela said.

Edward put his phone back in his pocket and reached out for Bella. She got up and went straight to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He knew she needed his strength to get through this. “Alright, that was the last piece of the equation.”

“While we have everyone here, we also wanted to give you an update on Billy,” Sam said. 

“Hopefully, he is someone’s bitch in jail,” Esme grumbled under her breath. 

“Sweetheart, please,” Carlisle said, but couldn’t suppress his chuckle. 

“That I don’t know,” Sam replied, his mouth turning up in a smile. “He went before the judge on the charge of the unpaid tickets and as we figured, they released him. As soon as the judge did so, Jacob was there to arrest him again, but this time for embezzlement and tax fraud. He was stupid enough to leave a trail to where he transferred Edward’s money. You should have seen Billy’s face when his son put him under arrest.”

“Is he going to get out before the trial?” Carlisle asked. 

“I doubt it. He has no money, his accounts have been frozen, and the IRS has already stepped in to start the process of seizing all his property,” Sam answered. “We are working with Nahuel to get Edward’s money back into his accounts.”

“Thanks Sam for all of your and your team's hard work,” Edward said. “Maggie has fixed us a wonderful dinner before our guests arrive. Unless anyone has anything else, they want to add.”

“I have a question?” Emmett asked.

“What?” Edward replied.

“Please tell me we have the movie for more than just tonight,” Emmett chuckled. “I have been wanting to see some Rob in a Batman suit.”  And with that statement, Emmett had brought some levity to the situation.


All the guests had arrived and Rose was currently making small talk with Leah and Tia. This was all part of the plan to ensure they were close to Rose when their plan began. To prevent the majority of guests from seeing the scene that Edward and Bella were about to perform, they were going to do it at the entrance to the event, close to where Rose was talking with Leah and Tia. 

Before walking out of the house, Edward wrapped his arms around Bella and held her tight. “You are the bravest woman in the world, and I am one lucky man to be able to call you mine.”

Looking up at this face, Bella could see the love in his eyes. With just one look from this man, she felt strong enough to carry out the plan. “I love you.”

“I know. Come, let’s get this shit over with so we can enjoy our lives,” Edward said.

Coming out the back door, they stayed close to the edge, avoiding the guests, who were now getting their snacks and finding their places for the movie. As the opening credits began, Edward gave Bella a nod.

It was time to put the plan into motion. Taking in a deep breath, Bella straightened her back and began. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!” Bella hissed at Edward, pushing her finger into his chest. 

“Really Bella. You knew what I needed before we even started and you are now denying my needs,” Edward said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Fuck you, Edward Cullen. I am going to Dark Sensations to find me a Dominant to meet my needs, not his own,” Bella growled. She turned and stormed off towards the front of the house, where Sam had a car waiting for her.

Edward stomped off towards the house, where Felix was waiting for him. They were taking a different car to the club. Sam was driving Bella and once they arrived at the club, they would enter the private entrance reserved for upper management only. 

During the entire conversation, Leah and Tia were mesmerized by what was happening. Finally, Edward had come to his senses and realized that Bella wasn’t good enough for him. However, they needed to make sure they stayed apart.

“I have to go check on Bella,” Rose said to Leah and Tia. 

“We understand. I hope she is okay,” Leah said with a fake smile.

Once Rose rushed away, Tia pulled her phone from her purse and dialed Peter’s number. He had promised if they gave him information or helped him get Bella alone, he would give them five hundred thousand a piece. With their father cutting them off, they needed the money. 

“Hey, I just witnessed Bella breaking it off with Edward,” Tia said.

“Really? Where was this?” Peter asked, excited by the news.

“At the event tonight. They had this huge fight and she said she was going to this place to find someone to meet her needs. Whatever that means,” Tia explained.

“Was it a Dominant?” Peter questioned, as his heart raced with the possibility.

“Yeah, that was it.”

“Did she say the name of the place she was going to?”

“Ahh, Dark Sensations.”

Peter hadn’t been able to check out the clubs in the town, but if Bella was looking for a Dominant, that meant Dark Sensations was a BDSM club. Fuck, he hoped he could talk his way or pay his way into it. “Thanks love. I’ll call you tomorrow and give you the money I promised.”

“Oh, Peter, that is great,” Tia cooed.

Once Peter hung up, he rushed to his closet and grabbed his play bag. He had not been able to enjoy a playroom in months. Picking up his keys, he headed out the door and hailed a cab. Thankfully, the driver knew where the club was. 

When they pulled up the stylish club, Peter was impressed by the design. Maybe when he got his pet back, he could contact the owner and purchase it. He had been wanting to build his own clubs, catering to Dominants who weren’t pussy whipped by their submissives. Until then, he would have to play the game, because Bella was in the building expecting to find her Dominant. 

Opening the large dark ornate wood double doors, he was greeted by a massive man in an expensive suit. “Good evening. Welcome to Dark Sensations, can I see your membership card?” the man said.

“Sorry I don’t have one. I’ve just moved here and was hoping to join,” Peter replied with a smile. 

“Let me get our manager on duty to meet with you, sir,” the guard said. Taking out his phone he texts a message to Demetri. A few seconds later he received a message back. “Sir, please follow me.”

Peter followed the guard through a large ornate wood door  where they were met by a guy dressed in an Armani suit and blood red tie. “Good evening, please have a seat. My name is Demetri and I understand you are interested in a membership to join our club…. Mr…”

“Mr. Whitlock.  Peter Whitlock, and I am. I am new to Boston, but have been a Dominant for over ten years on the west coast,” Peter advised. 

“We are a strict club with high standards and expectations of our members,” Demetri said. This was all for show, because normally it took over a month to approve a new Dominant into the club. But Demetri  received a call from Mr. Cullen earlier and he explained what was going on, Demetri was livid. He had met Bella when they came in earlier in the week and could tell how strong of a bond she and Mr. Cullen shared. 

“I have all my documentation with me,” Peter said, pulling out his paperwork. “I was tested two weeks ago and was cleared.”

Demetri glanced at the paperwork and looked up to the sick bastard in front of him. Forcing a smile on his face he began what he had been instructed to say. “Everything looks in order and I just have a few pieces of documentation which I will need for your file.”

After pulling out the adapted contract and NDA, he placed them in front of Peter. “The first is our contract and second is an NDA. We have to be careful with the privacy of everyone in the club,” Demetri advised.

“Of course,” Peter agreed, picking up the pen and signing both pieces of paper without reading a word. The quicker he got through this, the quicker he would get to Bella. No other fucking Dominant better be in the room when he arrived, because he would kill anyone who was touching what belonged to him. After he got Bella back under control, he would take out Edward Cullen. He ruined his life and touched his property.

Demetri smiled over the fact the asshole hadn’t read the NDA or contract. He was impressed with the wording of the NDA that Nahuel had sent him and the clauses which he put in the contract. Peter didn’t know it, but he agreed to be video and audio taped while inside the club. “Welcome to Dark Sensations, Mr. Whitlock. The main floor is just to the right and the playrooms are through the red drapes in the back.”

“Thank you. I am looking forward to finding an available submissive to play with this evening,” Peter said.

“Oh, one of our members came in just a little bit ago who is looking for a Dominant. She is in the last room on the right. You can’t miss her, she has long brown hair and a killer body,” Demetri said with a wink.

Peter gritted his teeth. How dare this fucker talk about his property like that, but he had to make sure it was Bella who was in the room. “Do you have the name of the submissive, so I may make her feel comfortable when I go in?”

“Isabella,” Demetri answered. 

Peter almost groaned hearing her name, yet he needed to control himself. “Is she experienced?”

Demetri pulled out the fake limits list and handed it to Peter. “Here is her limit list. You can see she is open to many forms of play and pain.”

Peter read over the list and found Bella had added several items she had on her red list before. He couldn’t help but smile knowing he was the one who had given her the taste of the dark side and as much as she acted like she didn’t love it, she had and now craved it. Opening the door, he stepped inside and grinned. There was his property on her knees waiting for him. Her long hair covered her face like a thick curtain.

He stepped over and placed his toy bag on the table, before coming to stand in front of her. “I am very disappointed in you, bitch. You allowed yourself to be tainted by another man. We will have to scrub his stench from every spot of your body. I would have thought when I carved up your breasts, you would’ve learned to obey me, but obviously I was wrong. You made me follow you to Boston, where I had to break into your condo, a condo bought and paid for with the hush money my parents paid you. I would have thought when you knew I was here you would have sought me out and begged for forgiveness. But no, you hid out at that fucker Edward Cullen’s home, telling the police it was me that broke into your home. For all your transgressions, I am going to double the amount of scars I put on you before. Do you understand bitch, that I am going to make you scream?”

Angela had held her tongue as he went on and on, wanting him to confess as much as possible. When he finally finished his tirade, she knew it was time for Peter to find out what pain really felt like. Lifting her eyes, as she grasped the electric cattle prod beside her. She saw the look of surprise on his face.

“Oh Peter, I am not your bitch, nor am I going to allow you to make me scream. However, you are about to become my bitch and your screams will be heard throughout the club,” she stated with a wicked smile as she rammed the electric cattle prod into his crotch.