Chapter One

“Rose, you have to be kidding?” Bella groaned, throwing up her hands.

“No, I’m not. Emmett’s family has this all planned out. It is a family tradition. Before the actual ceremony, there are two weeks of special events for the families, friends, and the wedding party,” Rose explained.

“I don’t have time for this. I just moved to Boston and need to decide which job offer to take.”

“Bella, this is my wedding. Please,” Rose begged, batting her long lashes at her. “You are already in your swanky condo, all thanks to the sick fuck and you have several employment offers. Pack your suitcases and come have some fun.”

“Rose, you can’t say a word about the money. I signed a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement and I really don’t want to see his face again,” Bella growled through gritted teeth. Fuck, the asshole should be in jail for what he had done to her, yet his wealthy parents had the police in their pockets. So she had agreed to the arrangement. It had been two years, nine months, and twenty-five days since that horrible night and she still had nightmares. Fuck, she hated what he took from her. Trust. The trust she gave to her Dominant. She missed the playroom. She missed kneeling at the feet of her Dominant, surrendering herself to him. Hell, she missed the mind-blowing release that could only be given by a man who knew her body better than she knew it herself. 

“I won’t, I promise,” Rose replied, her voice full of conviction and concern. “Bella, I know you have been suffering and I had hoped that you would find a good man to help you repair your heart.”

“Rose, I don’t need a good man. I need a fucking Dominant!” Bella yelled. “However, I am so fucking afraid.”

Placing her arms around Bella’s shoulder, Rose pulled her close. “You are the strongest person that I know. I don’t understand this whole submission thingy, but I could see how happy you were when you first started. You became more confident and more assured of yourself. I am sure that there is a Dominant out there who will be the one that you can put your trust in once again.”

Bella hugged her back, doubting if she would ever find one. “Thank you.”

“Now, let’s go pack your bags because the next two weeks are going to be one huge party,” Rose exclaimed, grabbing hold of Bella’s hand and dragging her towards the bedroom.


“Damn, Edward, will you stop working so hard and delegate. We have thirty people getting ready to descend on the Cullen Compound over the next two days,” Emmett said as he walked into his brother’s home office. 

“I’ve got a club opening up in two months,” Edward growled, looking up from his paperwork. 

“Club? What club? I didn’t know you were opening a club,” Emmett questioned.

“Because you have a big mouth and you’re a noisy bastard,” Edward declared, leaning back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head.

Emmett looked perplexed for a moment. Then he saw the smirk on Edward’s face. “Holy fuck, you’re building another sex club.”

“It is not a sex club. It is a BDSM club,” Edward growled. He hated when people for thinking that BDSM was nothing but an orgy. 

“Just like I said, a sex club.”

“Damn it, Emmett. It is not just about sex.”

“Sure, big brother. I saw what you keep up in that third-floor bedroom.”

“Fuck, I still can’t believe you walked in my playroom,” Edward groaned. Emmett had walked into the playroom when Edward was having a new pulley system installed. It had taken hours for Edward to calm him down and convince him he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Thankfully, he made Emmett understand to a point and promised not to share the information with anyone about what he had seen.

“Biggest surprise in my life,” Emmett chuckled. “I knew you were a controlling asshole, though I never thought you tied women up to will your control over them.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, the submissive has the ultimate control?” Edward snarled, gripping the edge of the desk instead of his brother’s thick neck. To look at them side by side, you wouldn’t believe that they were brothers.

“Calm down, brother. I still can’t understand why you have to have all that stuff to have sex with a woman. I personally only need my massive cock to keep my Rosie satisfied,” Emmett boasted, placing his hand over his crotch. 

“So, who is staying where?” Edward asked, wanting to change the subject, knowing that he was, in fact, larger than Emmett in both length and girth.

“Most are staying with Mom and Dad, either at their house or in the cottages. The only ones staying here are Rose, myself, and her best friend, Bella,” Emmett explained.

“What is Bella like?” Edward questioned, wondering what Rose’s friend was like. It wasn’t like he was anti-social. It was the fact that it wasn’t just his home, he also had his playroom here.

“Dude, she is really cool. She and Rose have been friends since they were in grade school. Graduated from UW with a BA in business management and sexy as hell,” Emmett said, wagging his eyebrows.

“So, she is flying in for the wedding?”

“No, man. She bought a kick-ass condo here in Boston and has multiple job offers,” Emmett explained. “I am so happy that she will be close for Rose’s sake because it would have been hard for them to be so far apart.”

“Yeah, that is great. When will she be arriving?” Edward asked, thinking about which room to put her in. He didn’t have to worry about canceling any playtime since he had ended his last submissive’s contract two months ago and hadn’t had time to find a new submissive. Regular relationships weren’t his thing and he had never found anyone who he desired more than a standard Dominant/submissive relationship. 

“Later on this afternoon. I have a limo picking her up and bringing her here, however, the bakery called and needs Rose and me to come in. Can you meet her and get her settled?” Emmett questioned.

“Sure. Her name is Bella, right?”

“Yeah. Well, actually, it is Isabella Swan, but she goes by Bella.”

"Isabella Swan," Edward repeated, not showing his surprise in either his voice or face. Having been a Dominant for many years, he had learned to hide his true feelings. He had been a Dominant for eighteen years. When he was a junior in college, his roommate introduced him to the BDSM community. Garrett took him to an open house at the club where he was a member and Edward was intrigued. Finding a mentor, he began studying and training to become a Dominant. Embracing his dominant nature, he quickly learned that he was a natural. Only a few years in, he was in high demand, with a long list of submissives wanting to serve him.

Ten years ago, he began opening exclusive BDSM clubs in major cities across the country, one of them being in Seattle. Each Dominant and submissive wanting to become a club member was subjected to background checks, drug screenings, and health screenings. They were also required to sign an agreement that stated they were subject to the clubs’ rules. One of the rules being that if a Dominant ignores a submissive’s safeword, he or she would have their membership revoked immediately at all clubs owned by E.A.C. Corporation. 

That is how he knows Isabella Swan. He recalled that she was a member of his club in Seattle as a submissive. A little over two years ago, she was a collared submissive to a club member Dominant. During a scene, the Dominant ignored her hard limit on knife play. He had her bound to a St. Andrew’s cross and blindfolded when he pulled out a switchblade. 

The Dominant began making small cuts across her breast. Isabella screamed her safe word, but the Dominant didn’t stop. He continued cutting her, all the while she kept screaming her safe word until she lost her voice. 

When he was finally done, he untied her from the cross and left her in the room. Isabella removed her blindfold and looked down at the damage to her breast. There were at least twenty cuts and she was bleeding badly. She staggered to her subs room, locking the door. Grabbing a towel, she held it against her chest while she called 911. The rescue squad arrived and rushed her to the emergency room. All the cuts had to be sutured. The police came and took her statement. She was admitted to the hospital for observation. Edward didn’t know what happened after that, though no charges were ever placed against the Dominant. Edward had flown to Seattle and called for a meeting of the senior Dominants to determine the fate of the offending Dominant who had broken the club rules. The senior Dominants voted unanimously, and the membership of the offending Dominant was revoked from all clubs owned by E.A.C. Corporation. Six months ago, he checked the membership attendance log and Isabella had not been back. Before the incident, she was an active member, having been collared by three Dominants. Each had written glowing letters of references for her file. There was no doubt that she had been a submissive who could only find true fulfillment at the feet of a Dominant. She had submitted her bi-yearly physical reports to the community, even though she had never returned to the club. Trust was hard to rebuild.

“Edward, please welcome her and make her feel at home until we get back,” Emmett pleaded. 

“I will be the perfect host,” Edward replied.

“Thanks. Damn, I can’t believe I am getting married before you, big brother,” Emmett declared. He had been the surprise child. Edward was sixteen when their mother became pregnant with him. Edward had always been the supportive big brother that everyone wished they had. There was never one event that he wasn’t sitting alongside his parents, cheering his brother on. Edward had been the first person he told that he was in love and was planning on asking Rose to marry him. Asking him to help him select the engagement ring, Edward instead offered their paternal grandmother’s ring that was given to Edward in her will. Emmett tried to refuse the gift, but Edward told him that he didn’t see himself finding someone who could satisfy both sides of life.

“I am. Rose is your soulmate and I am beyond happy for the two of you,” Edward confessed. Emmett's phone chirped and when he looked down his face broke out a huge dimpled smile. 

“Rose is ready to be picked up,” Emmett advised.

“Have you told her about your gift yet?” Edward questioned.

“No. I was going to do it during the rehearsal dinner,” Emmett answered.

“Did the remodelers get everything done?”

“Yeah. Thank God Bella knows everything that Rose would love,” Emmett said. 

“Sounds like Bella has a kind heart,” Edward said. 

“She does, even though every now and then she lets her guard down and I see this deep sadness and longing in her eyes,” Emmett confessed. “Rose has never said anything, but I think someone broke Bella’s heart. The entire time I have been dating Rose, I have never seen or heard her going out on dates.”

He nodded his head without saying anything. He would offer to help her regain the confidence she used to have as a submissive. It was a conversation he knew would come quickly since he didn't want her to feel as though he kept things from her. Considering the Doms in their local community, he wondered if any one of them could win her trust and have her submit once again.