Chapter Two

After Isabella finally met with Edward, she was then a happy baby, only crying softly when she was hungry or needed changing. Charlie and Renee took Isabella, or Bella, as they began to call her, home and settled into a life with their daughter. 

A strong friendship developed between Edward and Bella. Whenever they were in the same room, you would always find them side by side, playing, talking, or laughing. The only way they would separate at the end of the day was with the promise of them seeing each other the next day.  

When Renee and Esme, once again, became pregnant, they thought that perhaps the unusual bond between their children would happen again, but, over time, they realized it hadn’t. This time, Esme and Carlisle were blessed with a tiny little girl named Mary Alice, while Renee and Charlie received a hunky, chunky boy named Emmett Charles.

The years that followed were filled with joy and happiness for the two families. With each passing day, Edward and Bella’s friendship grew stronger and stronger. They were enrolled in the same pre-school, in the same class.  They interacted with the other children but preferred each other. When they learned how to write, Edward was enthralled with this knowledge and wrote a letter each day to Bella. The letters began simple, but over time, they became a way that he could explain what he was feeling, or how his day went. Bella kept each letter in the exact order that she received them and placed them in sheet protectors in large three-ring binders in her bedroom. As they grew, he became her protector and confidant, while she was his confidant and cheering squad, cheering him at every little league football, baseball, or track event. When Edward finally put all his energy and talent into football, Bella was always in the stands, no matter the weather condition, cheering him on.

During their senior year of high school, things began to change between them. While Bella was attending Edward’s latest game, it began pouring rain, and a cold front moved through, causing the temperature to drop dramatically. After the game, she went home and snuggled in her bed for warmth.  In the middle of the night, she developed a high fever and terrible chest congestion. Charlie ran a culture, which Carlisle rushed to the hospital to have tested. The results came back quickly, Bella had developed a severe case of pneumonia and would have to be hospitalized so she could get the antibiotics and oxygen she needed immediately. When Edward was told about Bella being admitted into the hospital, he begged his parents to allow him to go see her.

He hestitantly walked into her room to find her frail body connected to IV bags filled with saline and antibiotics hanging from the poles, and a nasal cannula under her nose, pumping oxygen into her body, while the monitors kept a watch on her heart rate and O2 levels. Instead of her rosy complexion, she was ashy white, and even as she slept, she would break out in deep, raspy coughs. Sitting down on the chair by her bed, he took her hand in his. “Bella, you have to get better. I don’t think I can function if you are not there cheering me on. Please open your beautiful brown eyes.”

However, she didn’t. Edward spent hours talking to her, and at one point, he found some paper, and wrote her a letter. He wrote how he was feeling as he sat there, watching her fighting for each breath as he wrote, but as he read over the letter, and looked at her, he knew at that moment that he loved her... not just as his best friend, but as a man who loved a woman. So, he picked up the pen, and, under his name, he wrote.

P.S. I Love You.

Edward folded the letter and placed it in her hand. Renee came back in and told him that Carlisle was ready to take him home. He begged her to call him as soon as Bella woke, no matter the time. Renee couldn’t help but smile; what she and Esme had often talked about had, in fact, come true. She couldn’t wait until she could talk to Esme about the new realization. 

In the early morning hours, Bella woke, and as she looked around she saw her mother asleep in the recliner next to her bed, and then she felt something in her hand. Raising it up in the dim light, she knew that it was her daily letter from Edward. Reaching over, she turned the lights brighter, and slowly unfolded the paper. She read his beautifully written words; how he felt about her being sick and in the hospital, blaming himself because she would be well if she hadn’t been at his game. As she finished reading the letter, she saw his signature as usual, but the postscript caused her breath to hitch.

He had written that he loved her. He loved her. She had known for some time that she had fallen in love with her best friend, but she didn’t want to say anything, because she didn’t want to lose him. Reading the letter one more time, she picked up her cell phone that was laying on her tray table and dialed his number, not worried about that it was two o’clock in the morning. If he didn’t answer, she would leave a message that she loved him, too. On the second ring, a groggy Edward answered with worry in his voice.

“Renee, is she okay?”

“Edward, it’s me,” Bella whispered.

“Bella, oh my God, I have been so worried. How are you feeling?”

“I still feel weak, but I can breathe better,” Bella said softly, then steadied herself for what she would say next. “I found your letter.”

Edward gasped. “And?” He asked as his heart began to race.

“I love you, too.” She professed.


“Yes, and Edward, it wasn’t your fault that I am sick.”

“But, if you hadn’t been at the game.”

“Edward, my dad, said it had been developing for a while, but please, let go of feeling guilty, and let us concentrate on our newfound feelings for each other.”

“I wish I was there right now.” He confessed.


“Because I would like to kiss you.”

Bella’s heart monitor began to beat louder and faster. “I would really love that.”

“I promise to do that really soon. Now get some rest,” Edward advised.

“I will try. You have sweet dreams,” she said.

“I am sure I will because they will be filled with you. I love you.” He purred.

“Oh, I love you, too. Good night.” Bella said, then ended the call. Placing the phone back on the stand, she reached up to dim the lights again, but, as she did, she noticed that her mother was awake and smiling.

“Did you hear that?” Bella asked.

“Yes, and I couldn’t be happier.” Renee cried. “You and Edward are perfect for each other and I know that everyone will be excited about it.”

“Thank you, Mom. I am so happy right now.”

“As you should be. Now get some rest, so we can get you home and closer to Edward.”