Chapter Six

The days that followed were some of the most enjoyable and frightening in his life. The much dreaded and unnecessary conversation with Charlie and Renee was long and very scary, but in the end, they accepted that Bella would be living with him when college started. Edward went to the bank, got the cashier check to pay for the house, and closed the deal.

Edward and Bella spent their senior year together attending the all important events and experiencing the usual rites of passage of high school graduates.  They were getting excited about going off to college and beginning their lives together. They had traveled to Seattle several times, getting the house set up for them. Their parents had come along, impressed with the house they had chosen, and were happy for the couple. The night before they moved in, Bella’s parents sat her down and expressed how they were proud of her and that they would always be here if she ever needed anything.

Edward was excited about finally living with the love of his life, Bella, but he was also nervous. If everything went right, tonight they would be taking their relationship to the next level.  He had continued his daily letters to Bella and over the past month, he had been expressing how deep his feelings for her were, that he was looking forward to their future. He had today’s letter already written and would give it to Bella once everyone left.

Bella was also excited, but also so nervous. Tonight was the night. Edward’s letters had reassured her that they were doing this together and they both were going to have to learn how to do this as they went along. Angela had sent her a housewarming present, or as the card said “setting the house of fire” gift. It was a sexy nightgown that was one little piece of emerald green satin and lace. She had turned three shades of red when she opened the box, but as she looked at it, she could see her wearing it for Edward and picturing the look on his face.

Bella prepared an excellent meal and they enjoyed it by candlelight on their new dining room table. The conversation was light between them because both were thinking about what was going to be happening later on, being excited about what might be coming.

“You cooked; I will take care of the dishes,”  Edward said, collecting the plates from the table. “Why don’t you go get a shower and relax?”

“Are you sure?”  Bella asked.

“Yes, you have worked hard all day.”

She got up and walked to their bedroom. “Their bedroom.”  She thought again about the implications of everything that had happened lately. They really did it. Wow. She collected her gown, went into the bathroom, and stripped off her clothes. Walking into the shower, she began to wash away the grime of the day. She made sure to shave and exfoliate. As she washed, she tried to calm her nerves, but it wasn’t helping. She finished by applying some lotion and began drying her hair, then slipped on her gown. She walked back to their room and was surprised to find candles lit around the room, giving it a warm glow. On her bedside table was a vase with red roses and a white envelope propped up against it.

She picked up the envelope and removed the slip of paper. Smiling as she read her daily letter.

“My darling,

Tonight will be a night I will never forget. I want you to know that I love you above all things and the gift you are giving me is something of pure perfection. No words can express the feelings I am feeling, but know that I am nervous too and I will follow your lead. I love you and will be forever yours.


Bella wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes and carefully placed the letter in the bedside table drawer until she could add it to her book. As she was closing the drawer, Edward walked in wearing a pair of black satin sleep pants that hung low on his hips and showed off his rock hard abs and luscious cut.

Edward couldn’t speak once he saw Bella in that emerald green gown. She was a goddess. Walking over to the side of the bed, he stood in front of her and ran his hand over her smooth, soft shoulder, pushing her dark locks back so he could place a kiss in its place. Once Edward touched her shoulder, her body broke out in goosebumps. Her entire body was electrified by his touch.

“You look so beautiful,”  Edward whispered against her skin.

“You look handsome.”

“Sweetheart, I want you to know that we don’t have to do anything other than sleep in the same bed if you are not ready. We have all the time in the world for this.”  Edward said.

“Edward, I am nervous, but so ready for the next step.”  Bella murmured.

Edward took her into his arms and began to kiss her, pouring all his love into each kiss. He pushed the straps of her gown off her shoulders and the gown pooled at her feet. Taking a step back, he took in her naked body for the first time. She was so beautiful.

Bella was blushing deeply as Edward looked at her, but as she looked into his eyes, she was filled with newfound courage. She grasped the sides of his sleep pants and slowly slid them down his hips and down his legs. When she stood up, she took in his hard cock lying against his stomach. She had given him hand jobs before, but at this moment, she wondered how it would fit inside her.

Edward laid her down on the bed and began to whisper how much he loved her and how beautiful she was as he was rubbing her clit and slowly pushing in one finger then two inside of her pussy. When he thought she was ready, he placed his cock at her opening and slowly pushed in until he met the resistance of her maidenhood.

“Baby, this is going to hurt and I am so sorry.”  Edward groaned.

“I know, I trust you,”  Bella said.

Edward pulled back a little and pushed hard through the barrier. Bella cried out in pain and he stopped his movement allowing time for her to adjust.

“You tell me when you want me to move,”  Edward said.

After a few deep breaths, Bella nodded her head and grasped his shoulders. He began again, trying everything in his power not to cum so quickly, wanting her to enjoy some of their first time together, but it was so hard.

Bella hurt, but there was something else that was happening that took her mind off the pain. It was the building pressure that she had come to love when Edward had given her orgasms by his fingers. Lifting her leg she placed it over his hip and when he thrust forward, he hit the spot over and over again and suddenly she felt the coil break and she felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

“Damn baby, I am going to come.”  Edward cried.

“Come with me.”  Bella moaned as she clung to him.

Edward groaned and with his final powerful thrust shot his seed deep inside of her. When both their hearts had calmed down, Edward pulled from her and noticed the blood on his cock and over her mound. Quickly going to the bathroom, he got a washcloth wet with warm water, came back, and cleaned her up. Once done he placed the cloth and towel on the floor and crawled into bed beside Bella. Pulling her into his arms and kissing her temple.

“There are no words to express how wonderful that was. Thank you.”  Edward exclaimed.

“It was wonderful.”

“Let’s get some sleep; we have a lifetime to be together,”  Edward said.

“We do.”