Chapter Seven

The years that followed that night were filled with school, living their happy lives together and preparing for the future. 

Bella graduated with her degree in Elementary Education and was working at the daycare center in the hospital.

  Edward graduated and was accepted into medical school at UW and was, of course, pushed to his limits with classes and practicals. Late nights, long weeks and lost time together finally ended when Edward graduated from medical school and finished his internship. Both Edward and Bella’s families had decided they wanted to go to Disneyland for a celebration of Edward becoming a doctor.

He had called MAC and asked her to come up and help him with a surprise for Bella. MAC had not gone to college but instead went to work for a gaming company as a game designer.

Edward took MAC downtown and when they pulled up in front of a jewelry store, MAC screamed.

“You are going to ask her to marry you?”

“Yes. I want to do it while we are at Disney. What do you think?”

“I think it is perfect,”  MAC said.

They went in and looked through the glass cases and suddenly in the back row of one of the cases was the perfect ring. The salesman said it was from an estate sale and was from the early 1900’s. Edward paid for the ring and gave it to MAC for safekeeping. He didn’t want Bella finding it by mistake before he had the chance to ask her.

Edward drove MAC to the hotel, where the families were staying for their early morning flight.

“Thanks for going with me,”  Edward said, giving MAC a hug.

“Anything for you big brother. She is perfect for you and I can’t wait until you finally make her my sister.”

“She is perfect,”  Edward replied.

As MAC walked into the hotel, Edward got a text from the hospital. One of his patients had been brought in and he needed to come in and process the admittance. As he drove down the street toward the hospital, he began to think about asking Bella to marry him. He wasn’t worried about her saying no, but as unique as she was, he wanted to do it in a way that she would remember the rest of lives and could retell it to their grandchildren. Then suddenly he saw bright lights out the corner of his eyes and as he turned his head, he saw a large SUV at his driver’s side door then nothing.

Bella was at home finishing packing for their trip. She was so excited to be going to Disney with Edward and the rest of their family, but also there was going to be a concert in the park with their favorite band Train. She and Edward had all of the CD’s and played them all the time. They had planned to go to a concert, but Edward had a patient that became sick and needed him. As much as she was disappointed about not going, she understands that this was part of being in a relationship with a doctor.

She was zipping up the last case when the doorbell rang. Looking at the clock, she didn’t realize it was late. Edward had sent her a text earlier saying he had to go to the hospital, but wouldn’t be too late. Walking to the door, she looked out the glass and saw two Seattle Police Officers standing there. Bella opened the door and looked up at the watered covered Officers.

“Miss Swan?”  One of the Officers asked.

“Yes, I am Bella Swan.”

“Ma’am you were listed as the emergency contact. Mr. Cullen has been in a serious accident.”

Bella's knees buckled and she gripped the door to prevent herself from falling to the ground. “Is he okay?”  She cried.

“We know he has been taken to Northwestern. Do you have anyone that can drive you?”

“Yes, his parents are in town. Thank you.”

“We are sorry ma’am.”  The officers said and walked away.

Bella rushed to their bedroom, picked up her phone, and called Carlisle. She explained what was going on and that she needed a ride. Carlisle said they would be there soon to get her. Bella quickly dressed and as she did, she tried staying positive that Edward was okay. As she walked out of the bedroom, she saw the binder where she kept all of Edward’s letters and she picked it up and took it with her. These were a massive part of Edward and it gave her comfort having them near.

Bella watched for the family to pull up and as soon as she saw the car lights, she was out the door and rushing to the car.

“Bella, I called the hospital and got an update,”  Carlisle said.

“Please tell me.”  Bella cried.

“He was T-boned by a drunk driver. His vitals are good.”  Carlisle said.

“Oh thank goodness,”  Bella exclaimed, but deep down she knew something was not right.

They pulled up at the hospital and rushed in. Bella walked up to the desk where she was confronted by someone she never thought she would see, Tanya Denali.

Tanya looked up and smirked. “Well, well, well, if it is not Bella Swan. What can I do for you?”

“Edward has been brought in from a car wreck. Can you tell me where he is?”  Bella asked.

“No. Only immediate family. Sorry, you will just have to go over there and sit down.”  Tanya said, with a devious look on her face.

Carlisle was listening and watching the exchange and rage for what he was hearing built with every word. When he heard her tell Bella to wait over in the chairs, he had heard enough.

“Miss Denali, I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen and this woman is Edward’s fiancée and I don’t appreciate your tone,”  Carlisle said, wrapping his arm around Bella. “You will tell us immediately where Edward is and be prepared to hear from your boss about your attitude.”

“Mr. Cullen,”  Tanya said.

“That is Dr. Cullen.”  Carlisle snapped.

“So sorry Dr. Cullen. Edward Cullen is in the ICU on the fifth floor.”  Tanya stuttered.

Everyone rushed to the elevators and got in. When they arrived on the floor, Bella once again rushed to the nurse's station. She knew she wasn’t Edward’s fiancée and so did the entire family, but that didn’t mean anyone else did.

“Excuse me. I am Bella Swan, I am Dr. Edward Cullen’s fiancée, please tell me which room he is in.”

The older nurse smiled up at Bella. “Oh, Miss Swan, we have heard so much about you from Edward. Let me get his doctor and have him come out and talk to you.”

“Thank you so much.”  Bella cried.

A few minutes later, a tall blonde young doctor walked out. “Miss Swan?”  He asked.


“I am Doctor Jasper Whitlock. Let's sit down and I’ll tell you about Edward’s condition.” After everyone was seated, Dr. Whitlock began to share Edward’s condition.  “Unfortunately, Edward is in critical condition. His vitals are good, but he has suffered a major head trauma. His brain has some major swelling and he is currently in a coma.”