Chapter Four

The week flew by. Friday morning found Carlisle was once again checking Bella’s progress. He was happy to see that she no longer had a temperature and that both lungs sounded clear.

“Bella, I am very pleased with your progress,”  Carlisle said.

“Does that mean I can go to the game?”  Bella asked, hoping that she could go.

“I would rather that you didn’t. Your immune system is still weak and I don’t want you to relapse because it would be horrible for your lungs.”  Carlisle explained.

“But Carlisle, I feel so much better. Please, I can’t miss his game. It is the first game since we confessed our love for each other. I need to be there for him.”  Bella cried.

“I am sorry, but no Bella, we can’t risk your health”  Carlisle replied.

Bella placed her face into her hands and sobbed. Carlisle sat down beside her, placed his arm around her, and pulled her into a fatherly hug. “Oh Bella, please don’t cry. There will be other games.”

Shaking her head. “Not like this one.”

Carlisle felt so bad, but he couldn’t in good conscience allow her to go. After a few minutes, Renee and Esme walked into the room and as they heard Bella loud sobs, they rushed to her side.

“What is wrong?”  Renee asked.

“I..can’t...go.”  Bella stuttered out between the tears.

Renee tried to understand what she was trying to say. “Carlisle, what is going on?”

“I just told Bella that she can’t go to the game tonight. It is too cold out and I don’t want her to relapse since she has made such wonderful progress.”  Carlisle explained.

Renee took Carlisle’s place in holding Bella and he went to stand beside Esme. “I wish I could make them play in an indoor arena,”  Carlisle said.

Esme thought for a moment and then had a brilliant idea. She slipped out of the room and made a phone call to Clark Newton. He was the head sports reporter for the local TV station and was the voice for the Spartans.

“Clark, it’s Esme Cullen.”

“Esme, how are you?”  Clark asked.

“I am good, but I need a huge favor.”

“Anything for you and Carlisle. I could never thank you enough for what you did for Michael.”

Esme explained what she needed and Clark was more than happy to help her. She thanked him and walked back into the room. Bella was still crying and Renee was trying to console her. She walked over, took Carlisle’s hand, and squeezed it.

“Bella sweetie, you need to stop crying. You don’t want red puffy eyes when you watch the game.”

“Esme, she can’t go,” Carlisle said.

“What would you say if the only time she would be out in the cold was going between the car and the sports box?”  Esme explained.

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile. His beautiful wife had thought of the best solution to the problem. “I would say that Bella needs to take a good nap, so she can get ready to go cheer Edward on beating the Warriors.”

Bella thanked Esme over and over again but also asked them not to say anything to Edward since she wanted to surprise him. After Carlisle and Esme left, she laid down for a long nap with a massive smile on her face. She couldn’t wait to cheer on her boyfriend in his big game


Edward was in the locker room trying to get his mind on the game, but instead, it was across town in the bedroom of the woman he loved. He had stopped by first thing this morning before going to school and she was in high hopes that his father would allow her to come to the game, but when he had called her earlier, she told him that Carlisle didn’t want her sitting out in the cold weather. He understood why, but was sad to know she wouldn’t be in the stands cheering him on.

“Cullen, time to go.”  Coach Tyler barked.

Edward stood up, placed his helmet on, and began to walk down to the field. The team ran out onto the field and onto the sideline. The choir sang the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and the coin toss gave the Spartans first possession. Jasper fielded the ball and ran it back to the forty-yard line. Edward started out onto the field, but over the loudspeaker, he heard a voice. “Go Spartans.”

Edward looked up and in the press box was his love wearing his jersey. She threw him a kiss, and he knew that he needed to win this game, not for the Spartans, but for Bella.

They did win the game and every game after that, making it to the state championship. Bella had healed and was able to go to all the games, including the championship game that was being held in Seattle. 

The team was going Thursday and spending the night and the one afterward. If a player had his own car, he could drive himself to the game. Bella had convinced her parents to allow her to go with Edward and stay in Seattle with her friend Angela. Angela graduated last year and was offered a position at a tech company in Seattle. Her parents weren’t happy about her not going to college, but when they saw the benefits package that was offered to her, they didn’t say anything else. Edward’s parents and Renee were driving up Friday night for the game, but Charlie was on call at the hospital and couldn’t leave the area.

Charlie sat Edward down and had a long, heartfelt conversation with him about how to treat a woman. Charlie knew that no matter how much he tried to prevent Edward and Bella from having sex, the final decision rested with them; however, he wanted to make sure that they knew what it entailed. He had no doubt about their love for each other, but an unplanned pregnancy would put up a huge obstacle in their future goals. Edward had plans of going to medical school while Bella had wanted to study early education. She had informed both her parents that she really wanted to be a stay at home wife and mother. In today's society, it was frowned upon, but she knew she wouldn’t be happy working outside of the home. Bella made this known before they became a couple, and she was even surer now with Edward wanting to be a doctor and they were a couple. Edward had expressed that he wanted to become a general practitioner opening a free clinic and help the uninsured or underinsured residents in their town, while she would be a stay at home wife and mother.

Charlie and Renee finally agreed for Bella to ride with Edward to Seattle and for her to stay with Angela, at her apartment. Bella called Angela and told her it was a go and was excited about not only the long drive with Edward and the game but also seeing her friend. It was going to be a wonderful weekend.