Chapter Five

Edward and Bella had spent every available moment together, and during those rare times when they were alone, they began physically exploring each other. It started out slow with over the clothes rubbing, but slowly they began to touch and caress each other under their clothes. The first time Bella’s tiny warm hand wrapped around his cock, it took everything in his power not to come immediately. Edward had read about how to give a girl an orgasm and one afternoon he put what he had to read to use and was blessed with a screaming Bella as she came.

They had talked, and they knew they wanted to take the relationship to the next level, but they wanted to wait until they could be alone without the fear of their parents walking in. Bella had been on the pill for years, due to terrible menstrual pain and she had never forgotten to take one. They didn’t know when, they just knew that when the time was right, they would share the most precious gift with each other. Edward knew in his heart that there would be no one else for him. Bella was the owner of his heart and soul.

Bella packed her bag for the trip, making sure she had her jersey with Edward’s name and number on the back. Rubbing her fingers across his name, she got a warm feeling remembering how he had given her the first orgasm while wearing this. He had told her what a turn on it was to see her wear his name. Carefully folding the shirt, she packed the rest of her clothes and makeup. She had decided to take her laptop and iPod. She had worked on a traveling playlist, which told the story of their life up to this point. The playlist would finish up with their favorite band Train. Bella hadn’t told Edward, but for his Christmas gift, she had been able to get front row tickets to their show in February in Seattle.

Edward pulled up in front of Bella’s house. He had taken his car in and had it detailed, washed, and waxed. It was his only big splurge, but he loved his black Audi r8 Spyder convertible. His dad and Charlie both drooled over it when he first purchased it and once they drove it, they understood why he had selected it.

He had his bag in the trunk and was ready to spend the next three and a half hours alone with Bella in the car. It would be so great to have this much time together, without someone coming into the room. They needed to start making plans for next year. Both had applied at UW and had gotten in. Since both had taken AP classes in both their junior and senior year, they had enough credits to be classified as juniors, which meant they did not have to live in the dorms. Edward had been looking around and was hoping he could talk Bella into sharing an apartment. He knew that his and her parents would not be happy about it, but this was their lives. All the apartments he found were very nice, but after looking at the specs and the pricing, he wondered if it would be better just to buy something instead. He hoped that after receiving his BA that he would get into UW’s medical school. If he did get in, then owning a home would be more economical. He had called a realtor and after explaining that money really wasn’t an issue and assuring them that, yes he was still in high school, but he had the funds to purchase the home without taking out a loan, they quickly agreed to help him find something. He had set up a few showings on Saturday morning before they returned home. Bella’s approval was critical in the decision.

Edward got out of the car and walked up to the door. He rang the doorbell and Renee opened the door.

“Edward, please come in. Bella is all ready to go.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you excited about the game tomorrow?”  Renee asked.

“Yes, I am. This is the first time the Spartans have gone this far. It would be nice to bring back the trophy for the school.”  Edward answered.

“That would be nice,”  Renee said.

Bella walked down the stairs, with her weekend bag, book bag, and her purse. Edward looked up when he heard her footsteps and a large smile formed. He rushed over and took her weekend bag and backpack from her.

“I can carry that,”  Bella said.

“I know that, but you know my father raised a gentleman.”  Edward proclaimed.

“Bella, I will see you Friday night at the game,”  Renee said, as she watched Edward and Bella together. She marveled at how they seemed to move together. It had been like this since the day Bella was born.

Edward, after helping Bella in the car, placed her bag in the trunk and got in. Bella had connected her iPod to his stereo and was messing around with it, trying to pull up the playlist of the best music for their trip.

“What are we going to be listening to?”  Edward asked.

“I worked up a playlist for our trip. I hope you like it.”

Edward picked up her hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. “You have wonderful taste in music. I can’t wait to see what you put together.”

As they traveled to Seattle, with Bella’s playlist playing in the background, they talked about a little bit of everything. When they got on the subject of college, Bella was excited about going to UW in the fall.

“Can you believe it?  Even though we will just be starting, we will technically be juniors.”

“I know and because of that I wanted to talk to you about something,”  Edward said.

“What?”  Bella asked.

“We don’t have to live in the dorms since we are classified as juniors, so I was wondering if you would like to find a place and live together?”

“Together?”  Bella gasped.

“Yes. I have set up a collection of apartments and houses to see on Saturday before we come back. What do you think?  Would you like to see them, with me?”  Edward asked, hoping that she would agree.

“Houses?”  Bella gasped.

“Yes, I was thinking long term. I hope to get into medical school at UW and a house would be a wise investment.”  He explained.

“But Edward, I don’t have that kind of money. I know my parents are willing to pay for housing, but not buying a house. Especially helping to buy a house that I will live in with you.”

“Bella, our parents know we are going to be together. Hell, I bet they are taking bets on when we get married.”  Edward laughed.

“Married?”  Bella stuttered.

Edward needed to look Bella in the eye when he explained. He pulled off the side of the road and turned to her. “Bella, do you love me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Do you see yourself ever loving anyone else?”  Edward asked.


“Neither do I. I have been a fool to deny my feelings. I have loved you since the first time I saw you and I will never love anyone but you. Someday, I want to get down on one knee and declare my love to you and ask you to spend the rest of our long lives together.”  Edward declared with his whole heart. “Is that something you think you could do?”

“Yes. I too have loved you all my life and I plan to be by your side forever.”

“Good, then let’s go look at some housing possibilities and I think you have forgotten about my inheritance.”

Bella knew about the inheritance, but that money was something she had never really thought about. She loved Edward for himself, not what he was worth. “I hadn’t forgotten, but I don’t really think about it.”

“Just another reason why I love you,”  Edward said, then leaned over and placed a kiss on her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  Bella sighed.

Edward placed the car in drive and headed toward Seattle.

The next few days were filled with excitement. Edward victoriously led his team to the first-ever state championship title. Bella cheered so loud that she almost lost her voice. After the game, she ran onto the field and had a passionate kiss on the fifty-yard line with Edward. Winning was fantastic, but kissing his girl was so much sweeter.

Carlisle, Esme, and Renee joined them on the field, stood back, and watched them. Renee and Esme linked arms and smiled, knowing that in the future their families would be joined. Renee rode back to Forks with Esme and Carlisle and Bella spent another night with Angela. Edward had wanted her to spend the nights with him, but the coach had made the team stay in the same hotel and he would be doing bed checks. Having the idea of the coach walking in on them was not how he imagined their first time together. As much as he wanted her, he could wait for the perfect time.

On Saturday, the rain clouds gave way to a bright sunny November day. Bella thanked Angela for allowing her to stay and promised to come up again in the spring. She told Angela that she and Edward were going to look at apartments or houses so they could live together when they moved up for college. Angela was excited for her and told her to go with her heart, not her head.

Edward picked up Bella, and they were off to meet up with the realtor. The first was a condominium next to campus, but neither of them liked the lack of privacy. The next was a half mile from college, it was better, but they didn’t like the layout. The final was a house. It was a craftsman bungalow with massive columns in the front and a large front porch. Edward and Bella both loved the craftsmanship on the interior and at the end of the tour, knew this was the home they wanted. Edward spoke with the realtor about the pricing and he made an all-cash offer. The realtor said he would submit the offer and would let him know as soon as he got the owner's response.

Edward and Bella headed back to Forks, and they talked about the house most of the way. Bella was still afraid of what her parents were going to say about it, but Edward assured her that it would work out. They made it home and Charlie was happy to see his little girl home. He knew that all too soon she would be going off to college and he would have to get used to not seeing her every day. He thanked Edward for bringing her back safely and in one piece. Edward chuckled and shook his hand, thinking that if the owners accepted his offer, he would have to have a sit down meeting with him.

Edward went home to find his parents were sitting in the den watching a movie. His father had his arm wrapped lovingly around his mother’s shoulder and she had her head resting on his arm. Standing there quiet and watching them, he hoped that in twenty-five years that would be Bella and him.

Esme looked up and saw Edward standing in the doorway. “Edward, I didn’t hear you come in. Did you have a nice drive back?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Did you have a good time?”  Carlisle asked.

“We did and there is something I want to talk to you about,”  Edward said, as he came over and sat down in a chair next to his parents.

Carlisle and Esme wondered what it could be. Please, oh please, don’t let it be they had made a lapse in judgment.

“I am buying a house in Seattle. I plan on living in it when I go to college and hopefully medical school. Now I know you think it is a lot of money, but I did some research, and when I ran the numbers, I found it would be wiser to invest the money on a house rather than making a management company rich.”  Edward explained.

Both Carlisle and Esme were relieved. “I believe that is a wise decision. Have you started looking?”  Carlisle asked.

“Yes, sir. Bella and I found a wonderful craftsman bungalow.”

“Bella?”  Esme asked.

“I have asked Bella to move in with me, so I needed her input.”

“That is a huge step, Edward. Are you both sure about this?”  Esme asked.

“Mom, I love her and she loves me. I can’t even imagine being with anyone else. Our future is together.”

Carlisle and Esme knew he was correct, but wanted to hear it come from him. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about the house. The realtor called later that evening and said the owners accepted his offer. When he hung up, he couldn’t help but smile, he felt this was just the beginning for Bella and him.