Letters of Love

Summary: Although Edward and Bella were destined to be together, there may be obstacles. But their love for each other was never questioned, as evidenced with the letters of love.

In the stands, with her parents on one side, and Edward’s parents on the other, Bella was cheering on the love of her life. Edward had been her friend since they were infants. 

Before she was born, Charlie and Renee Swan had moved from the hustle and bustle of New York City into the Highlands gated community in Seattle, Washington. When Charlie and Renee decided to start a family, he decided to look for a city that wasn't as dangerous and crowded as New York. His friend, Carlisle Cullen, who was currently working at  Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, contacted him about an opening. He was offered the prestigious position of Head of Pediatrics following a successful interview. After packing up their apartment and taking some time to travel across the country, Charlie and Renee finally arrived in Seattle. 

Upon arrival at their new home, they were met by Esme, Carlisle's wife, who had met Renee several times during Carlisle and Charlie's time at medical school.  Esme was eager to have a close friend who could relate to life as a doctor’s wife. Charlie and Renee had seized the opportunity to purchase the house next door to Carlisle and Esme when it went up for sale.

It wasn’t long after they arrived and settled, Carlisle and Esme announced they were expecting. The two friends were excited for Esme and Carlisle and hoped that they, too, would be expecting soon. Each month Renee was disappointed that she wasn't pregnant, but Charlie assured her that their time would come. Three months after the Cullens announced their news, Renee missed her always-punctual period. Her and Charlie had purchased several pregnancy tests to keep on hand; when she took the test, she was delighted to discover that she was pregnant. On Charlie's return from work that evening, she had prepared a delicious dinner but included dishes with a baby theme. It consisted of baby corn, baby carrots, baby back ribs, and a cake with a red velvet layer and a blue velvet layer.

Charlie enjoyed the dinner and thought little about the food, other than it was delicious. Renee brought out the cake and handed the knife to Charlie to cut. After slicing into the cake, he pulled out the piece to place it on the plate and saw the pink and blue layers. Then it hit him. Standing next to him, Renee had tears in her eyes, and a sweet smile on her face.

“ReRe, does this mean what I think it means?” Charlie asked.

She nodded, unable to form the words. Charlie lept to his feet, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her passionately. “You make me so happy.”

Joy, mood swings, and preparing for the little bundles of joy filled the months that followed. As their wives mood swings worsened, Carlisle and Charlie were each other's sounding boards. The hospital staff and attendings joined them in hosting a joint baby shower, allowing them to receive an unbelievable bounty of gifts. Carlisle and Charlie hired a professional designer to decorate the gender-neutral nurseries in each of their homes. Their decision had been to not learn the gender of the babies, stating, "There aren't that many surprises in life."

Esme and Renee spent many hours together while their husbands worked. Esme noticed that, whenever Renee was near, her baby seemed to become more active. She thought it was just her imagination. In the early hours of June 20th, sharp pains in her back, and wetness under her body woke Esme up. Rolling out of bed, she found that her water had broken. Waking Carlisle up, they got ready and headed off to the hospital. Renee was called, as she had been invited to be the second coach in the delivery room. The hours ticked by, and before long, it was time for Esme to push. After several hard pushes, the baby’s head, then the shoulders, and finally the rest of its body emerged from Esme, screaming and crying. The doctor called out,

“We have a boy here!”

Esme looked at Carlisle, who was overcome with emotions. They had a son. Carlisle was handed a pair of scissors, and he cut the umbilical cord. He took his son from the doctor’s hands and brought him up to Esme’s chest before laying him down. As soon as he did, the little one stopped his screaming. He opened his eyes and looked up at Esme. She thought he was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. He had a head full of reddish-brown hair, a cute button nose, pouty lips, and grayish eyes. She hoped they would turn green, like her loving husband.

Carlisle was overcome by the sight of his son. “Esme, he is perfect.”  

“He is. Happy birthday, Edward Anthony,” she said in a soft voice. They had picked out the names before the birth and were excited to see which one they could use.

Renee had stepped back, allowing Carlisle and Esme their time with the baby, but, as soon as little Edward had been born, her own little bundle of joy had become so active. The baby had always been active, moving around, even at night when it seemed to jump up and down as if its little feet bounced off the bed. 

“Renee, come meet Edward,” Esme requested.

Renee stepped back to the bed, and, when she did, Edward looked up at her, reached out his little arm, and somehow placed it on her stomach. Her active child stilled, and she felt an arm, or maybe even a leg, push out towards Edward.

Carlisle and Esme were astonished at what they were witnessing. How, or why, did Edward do that? However, before they could say anything, the nurse came over and asked for Edward so they could check him over. After doing the APGAR test, it was determined he was very healthy, eight pounds, ten ounces, ​​and eighteen inches long. They swaddled him in a powder blue blanket they had brought from home, along with a blue and white striped cap.

Carlisle and Esme brought Edward home and enjoyed their life with him. Summer came and went, Edward was growing like a weed, and before they knew it, Renee was in the hospital in labor. Esme’s mother was called to watch Edward while Esme helped coach Renee. Renee’s labor went even quicker than Esme’s, and soon Renee and Charlie had a perfect little girl named Isabella Marie. She had dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was six pounds, seven ounces, and sixteen inches long, with an extensive set of lungs. From the moment she emerged, she was screaming and crying, her little hands pulled up into tiny little fists, and no matter what anyone did, she would not stop crying. Esme stepped out into the hallway to call Carlisle, when her mother, who was carrying a screaming Edward, met her.

“Esme, I don’t know what to do. He has been crying like this for the last hour,” she said.

Esme took Edward from her mother. Normally, when she held him close and hummed to him, he would stop crying, but not this time. She rocked him back and forth, but he still screamed and cried. Without notice, the door opened and Charlie was standing with a screaming Isabella in his arms. Edward raised his head and looked toward Charlie, and stopped crying. Esme stepped toward Charlie and when they were within reach, Isabella stopped crying. The two parents looked at each other and wondered what in the world just happened.