Chapter Seven


After calming Red down, they made their way back to the bar, where Duchess and Repo were standing. Red gave Bella a hug and told her she would talk to her tomorrow. She was tired and wanted to go home and soak in a hot bath with a glass of wine. Taking one last look at her friend, she wondered if she would ever have someone who cared about her as much as Viper did about Bella. As she walked towards the door, she saw Kevlar standing against the wall with a beer in his hand. God, he was a good-looking motherfucker, but she couldn’t ever fall for a man like that. 

“Damn, Viper, I would never get her mad,” Repo said.

“She is a badass,” Viper smirked. 

Duchess gave Bella a wink. She was perfect for her son. A mix of strength, intelligence, and beauty. Placing the tray of sweets in front of her. “These are for you, dear.”

Bella looked down at the chocolate-covered delights. “What are these?”


“These are my famous chocolate-covered cherry bombs.”

“Where are mine?” Viper asked, eyeing the tray in front of Bella.

Bella picked up the treat and took a bite, never taking her eyes off Viper. She couldn’t help but moan at the rich chocolate delight. Viper’s eyes grew dark and she could see the lust in them. Holding out the other half of the delight. “Do you want my cherry?”



A sly smile broke out across his full lips. “I already had your cherry, Baby. It was so fucking sweet.”

Bella shoved the treat into Viper’s mouth, as she shook her head towards Duchess. “Don’t say shit like that in front of your mother.”

“Baby, she knows I am no saint,” Viper said, as he chewed the cherry.

“Bella, he is right,” Duchess replied, giving her a wink.

A powerful slap sounded off Viper’s cut covered back. “Damn, Pres, you have got one hot woman there,” Kevlar boomed. “You better take care of all her needs or she might go looking for someone who can. I mean, you only have one piercing.”

“Fuckhead,” Viper called out.

“What does he mean?” Bella asked.

“He thinks because he has the pearl piercing, it is sexually more fulfilling for the woman,” Edward said, giving Kevlar the evil eye.

Bella gulped over the thought of Kevlar's cock. Fuck, she hadn’t had the pleasure of feeling a man with a pearl piercing, but had been told how fucking awesome it was. Her pussy clenched over the idea of it pushing deep inside of her, making her come repeatedly. 

Viper was watching Bella and the look on her face told him she was thinking about Kevlar's cock. He wasn’t jealous of his brother, because he knew in his heart that she was his. Bella's happiness and fulfillment were his key priority. He leaned over and whispered into her ear. “I know what you are thinking.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, a shocked expression on her face.

He took her earlobe between his teeth and bit down. “You are thinking about Kevlar’s cock in my hot pussy.”

“No, baby, I only want you,” Bella rushed.

“Hmm, someone is telling me a lie. I will have to punish you later for that,” Edward said. “I trust my brother and if you would like to know what it would feel like, I can make it happen.”

“No, I can’t do that,” Bella said, shaking her head. She couldn’t do that to Viper and to Red, who clearly was interested in Kevlar.

 Standing up, Viper takes her hand. He leads her across the bar and to a door in the back. Opening the door, they walk in. 

“Where are we?” Bella asks.

“Church,” Viper answers, turning on the light, illuminating the large room with a massive table in the middle, surrounded by chairs. “Go over to the end of the table and pull down those pants.”

“What?” Bella squeaked.

“You just lied to me and I told you there will be a punishment. Now go to the head of the table, pull down those pants and panties.”

Bella walked to the end of the table, undid her pants, and pulled them down. She bent over the table and slipped her panties over her hips. The anticipation of what he was about to do had her heart racing. No one had ever spanked her and the thought of Viper’s hand on her ass made her wet.

Viper stepped behind her and stared at her perfectly round ass. She was bent over the spot where he sat when church was in session. Fuck, from now, the memory of this moment would be on his mind. He rubbed his hand over her firm ass, then slapped it hard.

“Damn, that hurt,” she cried out.

He slapped the other cheek a little harder. “This is for not telling me the truth.”

“SHIT!” she said as the pain ran straight to her pussy. 

Spanking each cheek again, Viper leaned over her body and ran his long finger over her pussy. He smiled at the wetness he found. “Now, tell me the truth. Did you imagine Kevlar’s pierced cock in this pussy?”

She hesitated, not wanting to admit it. It was so wrong, but she could help but wonder. 

When Bella didn’t answer him, he smacked harder on her ass. The skin became a beautiful shade of red. “Answer me.”

“Yes, I did,” Bella cried. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did it.”

Viper gripped her hips and turned her around. Placing his hands on her face, he turned it so he could look into her tear-filled eyes. He could see how embarrassed she was, and he needed her to know he wasn’t upset. “Baby, it is okay. I know you are mine and I would do anything to make you happy.”

“But I was thinking of another man’s dick,” she whispered.

“Damn baby, if I wasn’t straight as an arrow, I would think about fucking Kevlar,” he chuckled. Reaching down, he stroked her swollen clit. “Now, would you like to experience his piercing?”

She shook her head. “I will never do anything to jeopardize our relationship or my friendship with Red. You owned my heart and soul from the moment we met sixteen years ago.”

“I know that, baby, and I feel the same,” Viper said as he continued to stroke and pinch her clit.

A deep feral moan escaped her lips as her orgasm built to a point of near explosion. “Edward, please.”

Removing his fingers, he brought them up and sucked the juices from them. Her eyes grew wide, and she groaned in frustration. “Have you ever had two men at once?”




“Hmm, so you never had someone filling up this tight little pussy while someone filled your ass? Look in my eyes,” he asked.

Bella looked up and stared into his deep green eyes. 

“I want to see you revel in pleasure as Kevlar and I fill you up. But this will be a one time only event. So what do you say? Would you like to experience the sensation?”

Staring into his eyes, she felt assured he meant what he was saying. “Yes, but only if he takes my ass. I could never have anyone else in my pussy but you.”

“Damn baby, this is going to be so fucking hot,” Viper groaned, as he stepped back, unzipped his pants and pushed them down his legs. His hard cock bounced when it was freed from its confines. Grasping it with his hand, he guided himself to her opening. “I was tested two months ago and haven’t been with anyone since. I want to feel you with no barriers.”

“God yes,” Bella moaned.

Sliding his cock inch by inch into her hot pussy until he was completely buried. “FUCK!” he yelled. Sex with Bella earlier felt phenomenal, but this was extraordinary. He could spend the rest of his life like this, and he would. There would never be another woman for him.

“Edward, please,” Bella begged, needing him to move. She was so close to coming and it wouldn’t take but a few thrusts to send her over the edge.

Giving her a wicked grin, he pulled his cock all the way out to the tip and then thrust even slower back in. The friction of his piercing rubbing her walls, while her piercing glided along his cock. Fuck, it felt so fucking good. “God damn, Isa your pussy feels so amazing.”

“Please, please, please, go faster,” she begged.


“Yes, and harder.”

“Well, since you begged so nicely,” he said. Pulling out once again, inch by inch, until the tip of his cock skimmed her lips. His calloused hands from years of working on bikes grasped her full hips and thrust forward, burying himself until their pelvic bones bumped together.

A long throaty moan escaped Bella’s lips as a glorious sensation of fullness swept through her. Every inch of her body tingled with the flow of energy that seemed to radiate between them. She loved this man with all of her being. “Edward, Edward, Edward,” she chanted.

He couldn’t continue going slow. With strong, powerful strokes, he pounded into her wet core. His impending orgasm threatened to explode, yet he needed her to come first. Letting go of her hips, he lifted each of her legs over his shoulders.

“HOLY SHIT!” Bella screamed as Edward went even deeper. The tightrope of her orgasm broke and her walls clamped down on his cock. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her


When Bella came, it triggered his own orgasm, filling her tight pussy with streams of hot cum. Letting down her legs, he leaned forward and captured her mouth in a kiss. He had to tell her the overwhelming feelings he had for her. When he pulled away from her mouth and looked deep into her molten chocolate eyes. “I love you.”

Tears ran down her cheeks at his words. “I love you, too.”

They stayed connected for several more minutes before he slipped his semi hard cock from her warmth. When he did, the combined juices poured out of her and onto the table. “Fuck, that is sexy.”

She sat up. “Do you have a bathroom here?”

“No, there is one down the hall.”

“Well, I am not putting my pants on with cum pouring out of me.”

Viper slipped off his cut, hanging it on the back of the chair, pulled his t-shirt off, and handed it to Isa with a wicked grin. “You can use this to clean up.”


Bella took the shirt and wiped her pussy. Once she was done, she handed it back to Edward, who threw it on the large leather chair. Just as she was pulling up her pants, there was a loud knock on the door, then it pushed open.

“Fuck, didn’t you lock that?” Bella growled.

“I guess I forgot,” Viper answered with a smirk. 

“HOLY SHIT!” Kevlar boomed as he walked into the room. “This room smells of kinky sex.”

Viper shrugged. “Well, she is quite irresistible.”

Kevlar couldn’t deny that fact. Bella was one sexy as fuck woman and Viper was one lucky man. He was wondering if Red would ever give him a chance and without even a possibility of a chance; he needed to go on with his life. 

“Why are you bothering me?” Viper asked, slipping on his cut.

“She-Wolf at Cabaret called with a situation,” Kevlar said.


“What kind of situation?” Viper questioned. Cabaret was one of the strip clubs which the club owned. She-Wolf was the manager and real hardass. If she was calling, it had to be something bad.

Kevlar looked at Bella and then back to Viper. He didn’t talk about club business in front of non-members. 

Viper understood Kevlar's unspoken concern. Draping his large arm over Bella’s shoulders. “Bella is my old lady and you can say what you came into her to say in front of her.”

“She-Wolf says there are three of the Satan Savages in the club.”

“WHAT?” Viper yelled.

Bella shook. Had Demetri sent club members to find her? How did he know she was here? “What do they look like?”

“Why do you want to know?” Kevlar asked Bella. 

Viper looked down at Bella and without even murmuring a word they exchanged the question and with a small nod, she gave her permission. He trusted all his brothers, but his two closest brothers were Slammer and Kevlar. “Bella's last name is Swan.”

Swan, Swan, where had he heard that name? Then it hit him, causing him to suck in a breath. “You are kin to Crusher Swan.”

Fighting back the tears which threatened to fall, she reached down and grasped Viper’s hand, needing his strength. “I am or was his only child.”

Kevlar shook his head in disbelief. Their enemy's daughter was now their president’s old lady. “Viper, are you sure?”

“Without a doubt. I have known Bella since we were teenagers and she came here to hide from her father’s VP, who has some sick obsession with her. Crusher’s VP, Demetri, killed him,” Viper explained, holding onto Bella’s hand, giving her all his strength.

“How do you know that?” Kevlar asked.

“Because someone in the club called and told me. She then warned me that Demetri was coming to get me right before he showed up at my apartment in New York. I was able to slip away and hauled ass here. The only person I could trust was Red. We have been friends since we were little,” Bella explained.

“So you think Satan Savages are in town to look for you?” Kevlar asked.

“I don’t know, but it is a possibility. When I was traveling here, I was very careful not to leave a digital fingerprint, only paying cash, and not turning on my cell phone. Hell, I haven’t even talked to my employees back in New York.”

“Alright, we need to go see what the fuckers are really doing here?” Viper growled. “Round up ten members and we will go to Cabaret.”

Bella's heart fell hearing Viper was going to face Satan Savages. They had just found each other and she couldn’t lose him again. Her heart couldn’t take it. “Viper,” she whispered, her voice low and weak.

He looked down to find her face ashy white with fear. “Kevlar, go gather the brothers and I will right out.”

Kevlar gave him a nod and headed out of the room. He had never seen Viper like this before and there was no doubt Bella was the love of his life.

Once Kevlar left, Viper turned to Bella so he could look into her eyes. “Isa, baby, I am going to be just fine. I want you to go back to the apartment and wait for me. Mom will go with you and keep you company.”

Burning her head into his chest. “I can’t lose you after finally getting you back.”

“You won't, baby, I promise,” Viper declared with all his heart. There was no way he was going to leave this woman now.