Chapter Four

Bella gave Kevlar the keys to her bike and you would have thought she had handed him a million dollars. He looked just like Red’s description of him, and she wondered why her friend had not jumped on his sexy ass. With his long hair, full beard, major tats, and if that wasn’t enough, when he smiled, he had fucking dimples.

After getting  some food and rest, she was going to sit Red down and find out why she was shutting this fine man out. She watched Kevlar jump on the bike and start it up. The roar of the bike echoed off the buildings. 

“THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!” Kevlar yelled over the roar, then sped across the parking lot towards Viper’s private garage. 

“Bella, nice to meet you, but I’ve got to get home and relieve my mom from her nursing duties,” Slammer said. His mother was staying with Foxy during the day while he worked. At night, he took care of her and worked on the nursery. 

“Is someone sick?” Bella asked.

“Slammer here knocked up my secretary with triplets and she is now on bed rest until the little shitters are ready to come out,” Viper declared.

“Fuck you, Viper,” Slammer said. “Bella, my WIFE is pregnant.”

“Yeah, but she was my secretary first, asshole.”

“Whatever. I’ll see you guys later,” Slammer said, turned and walked towards his bike.

Viper, Bella, and Red started walking towards the clubhouse when Red’s phone rang. Pulling the phone from her back pocket, she answered. “This is Red.”

“Red, Jimmy’s ankle bracelet has gone dark,” the dispatcher said.

“FUCK! How long has it been?” Red asked.

“Thirty minutes.”

“Shit. Okay, I’ll go check on it and will report in,” Red advised. Hanging up, she slipped the phone back into her jeans. Damn, she didn’t need this right now. Bella had just arrived, and they needed to come up with a plan to protect her. From what Bella had told her, Demetri was dangerous and would do everything to get her. Thankfully, Bella had a cool head and had stayed under the radar as she traveled cross-country. “Fuck, I need to go to work. I have a jumper and I need to catch him before he skips town.”

I’ll be okay, Red. I can find a hotel for the night,” Bella said, not wanting her friend to worry about her.

“No, Bella. One of the brothers can take you to my place until I get back,” Red said.

Viper would not allow any of brothers near Bella. “Red, Bella can stay at my place until you get back.”

Red knew the look in Viper’s eyes. He was interested in her, and Bella didn’t need to be used. “Viper, can I speak to you for a moment alone?”

“Sure,” he answered, then reached out and touched Bella's arm. “I’ll be right back.”

Red walked over to her truck and waited for Viper. When he got beside her, she looked him right in the eyes. “Leave your filthy hands and dick off her. She is going through some pretty bad shit right now.”

Viper’s eyes shot up. “What kind of trouble?”

“I will not break her trust and tell you. But just know it is really horrible.”

Viper’s blood boiled. Had someone hurt her? “Red, I promise you I won’t do anything to hurt her. I will take care of her and protect her until you return.”

Red studied his face, and what she saw surprised her. It wasn’t the cocky club president that she knew, but a man who was concerned over the wellbeing of a person he just met. “Alright, but keep that monster in your pants,” she said, pointing towards his dick.

“I promise not to take him out,” Viper promised with a smile.

They walked back over to Bella, and Red gave her a hug. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Okay. Be careful and I will see you when you get back.”

“I will,” Red replied and headed towards her truck. She had to find Jimmy quickly and get back to Bella. It was going to be only a matter of time before Demetri figured out where she went.

They watched as Red barreled out of the parking lot and when she was out of sight, Viper placed his large hand on Bella’s tiny lower back. “Let’s get you upstairs, so you can get a shower, while I get us some food.”

Bella smiled and allowed Viper to escort her to his apartment. They walked towards the club, but instead of going through the door, he led her around the side of the building, where there was a door. He took his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Opening it wide, he took her hand and showed her up the steps. When they got to the top, Bella looked around. She didn’t know what she was expecting, but this was definitely not what she pictured. 

It was masculine, but in a sophisticated way. The back wall and floors were concrete, while the front wall was floor to ceiling windows. The stairs leading to the second floor were industrial metal and wood. “This is fantastic,” Bella said.

“Thanks. I bet you weren’t expecting this, were you?” he said with a wink.

“No. I mean, you’re the president of the motorcycle club and I’ve never seen a room like this in a club,” Bella said.

Did she just say that she had been to a club before? If so, where? And was this the reason she was in trouble? Not wanting to upset her, he decided not to react to her comment. “Come, let me show you around.”

Bella could have kicked herself for making the comment about being in another club, but Viper didn’t even react, so he must have not heard her. “That sounds wonderful.”

Viper showed her the kitchen, which had stainless steel appliances, a large island with a stainless steel countertop. A large industrial light fixture was positioned over the island, illuminating the room.

“I bet it is a dream to cook in this kitchen?” Bella said, running her hand across the countertop.

Running his hand through his hair, he looked around the kitchen. “I don’t cook.”

“What?” Bella gasped. “You have a sexy as fuck kitchen and you don’t cook?” After she said that a thought came to her. He might not cook, but he could have an Old Lady that did. “Sorry, I am sure your Old Lady enjoys it.”

Again, she used a term which led him to believe she knew a lot of MC clubs. “Bella, would you like a drink?”

“Yeah, I would.”

Viper went over to his bar. “What would you like?”

“Whiskey, straight up,” she answered.

Damn, could she get any more perfect? The only thing that would send him over the edge is if she had her pussy pierced. Over the years he hadn’t found one woman who had and the thought of having a piercing rubbing against his cock almost made him come. Reaching up on the shelf, he pulled down the bottle of Kentucky Whiskey. He loved the rich full body taste. Pouring two fingers of the dark amber liquid into rock glasses. 

Bella walked over and picked up the glass and took a drink. The familiar burn encased her. “This is good whiskey.”

“It is Kentucky Whiskey. I found it a few years back,” Viper said. “Do you want to go sit and relax for a few minutes? I am sure you’re tired after that long ride.”

“That sounds great,” she answered.

They made their way over to the couch, and Viper clicked on the tv. The local news was about to come on and the weather forecast. “So how long have you lived in New York?”

“A little over sixteen years,” Bella answered. “My dad sent me there to school when I was sixteen. Once I graduated, I fell in love with the city and stayed.”

Just as he was about to ask her where her parents were from. A special report came on. 

We are at Saguaro National Park, where the body of Charlie “Crusher” Swan has been found. Crusher was the President of the infamous Satan Savages Motorcycle club. An unofficial cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. We will stay on the story and will bring you an update.

Viper couldn’t believe Crusher was dead. Years ago, when his dad was president, the Satan Savages hijacked a cargo container of guns. His dad and Crusher met on neutral grounds. After the meeting, an understanding was met. 

Bella had thought about her father the entire trip. As much as she wanted to go to Tucson and see his body, she knew Demetri’s followers would be watching for her. Carmen hadn’t told her that her father’s body had been left out in the desert. The dam holding all of the overwhelming sadness she was keeping locked away burst open, and she broke down in sobs.

Viper had been paying attention to the story, but when he heard Bella's sobs, he turned and wrapped her into his arms. He didn’t know what type of trouble she was in, but he was damn and determined to protect her. “Shh, baby, I’ve got you.”

She buried her face in Viper’s chest and allowed the tears to flow in earnest. Her daddy was dead. Over the years, there had been tension between them, but she never stopped loving him. He was and will always be her daddy. Finally, the tears subsided, and she took in a deep cleansing breath and when she did; she was bombarded with Viper’s scent. It was a mixture of leather, sunshine, and grease. “Thank you,” she muttered, and pulled away. 

He reached up and wiped away the remaining tears with his thumbs. “Do you want to talk about it?”

She wanted to talk about it, but how was Viper going to take the fact that she was the daughter of a revival gang leader? “My name is Bella Swan.”

Viper replayed her confession in his head. “Her name was Bella Swan. Bella Swan.” He couldn’t figure out why her name was the reason she was sad. Then it hit him that her last name was Swan. “Swan?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“How are you kin to Crusher?”

She swallowed the excessive amount of saliva which had formed and fought keeping the tears at bay. “He was my father.”

Viper blinked several times, shocked by the news. Sitting beside him was Crusher Swan’s daughter. How was that even possible? He never knew or even heard that he even had a child. 

Bella waited for him to scream and yell for her to get the fuck out of his apartment. However, it never came; instead she felt his powerful arms wrap around her and he pulled her into his lap.

“He was your father, no child should have a parent taken away from them so violently,” Viper said with conviction. “I know, because it happened to me as well.”

When Bella heard that, she pulled back and looked at him. “Your dad?”

“Yes. He was murdered and left to die all alone,” Viper confessed.

“Like my dad,” Bella said, her voice filled with sadness.

“Why didn’t you go straight to Tucson?” he asked.

“Because my dad’s VP was the one who killed him.”

“What? How do you know this?” Viper asked.

“A woman inside the club called and told me. But she also warned me that the person who did it wanted me.”

“Well, the fucker can’t have you,” Viper confessed.

“I won’t put you or your club in danger,” Bella replied.

Viper reached up and cupped her face. Without hesitation, he captured her lips in a searing kiss. It wasn’t gentle. It was a kiss of passion and possession. He wanted her to realize she was his now.

Bella was shocked for a second when Viper’s lips crashed into hers, but she soon threw herself into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and weaved her hands in his hair. However, she felt she wasn’t close enough. Breaking from the kiss, long enough for her to straddle his thick legs. Once she was in this position, she was blessed with the feeling of his hard cock against her pussy. She couldn’t help but move her hips to gain the pressure she needed. 

Viper broke the kiss when Bella began to dry hump him. “Fuck, I can feel your the heat of your pussy on my cock. I would bet you are wet as well.”

“I am,” she moaned.

Grabbing her ass, he stood and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. He had to see, smell, and taste her pussy. He walked in and put her on her feet. He reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. 

Bella licked her lips when she saw Viper’s naked chest. He had at least an eight pack of abs and the cut which dipped into his pants. Tattoos covered his chest and abs, all of them were vivid dark colors. Except one, which was over his left peck. It looked like an angel with something written in the negative space. She took a step closer to see what was written there. When she read the words, she gasped. She looked up at Viper’s face, then back to the tattoo. It wasn’t possible. Reaching out, she traced the lettering with her finger. The boy who had possession of her heart all the years had not forgotten her. Leaning forward, she kissed the tattoo before stepping back and lifted her top off. 

Viper was confused why she had paid attention to the tattoo he had done for his Isa. Then she took off her top and his breath caught. Her beautiful tattoos went from her neck to the tops of her full breast, then started again below them. Her long hair hung over her nipples and his hands twitched to brush it aside to see them. God, she was stunning. He could spend hours looking at her and never tire. Bella reached up and moved her hair away. When she did, he saw another tattoo. It was a heart with initials in the center. Looking closer, he saw it was an E and a M. Who was EM? 

Bella could see that he was confused. She reached out, grasped his hand, and put it over the tattoo. She then took her other hand and placed it over his tattoo; she cupped the side of his face. It was then she saw it. He was her Edward. “Edward, it’s me, Isa.”

Viper couldn’t have heard right. Did she say she was Isa? “Isa?”

“Yes. Oh, Edward, I never thought I would see you again,” she cried.

“Where, how, why?” he asked, unable to make complete sentences.

“Let’s lay down and I will tell you what happened?” Bella suggested.

Reaching up, he placed his hand over hers and gave her a smirk. “Only if we are both naked.”

Bella bit her lip and toe off her boots. Once she had kicked them off, she unbuttoned her pants and pushed them, as well, her thong down her legs. She was no longer the shy sixteen-year-old girl; she was a thirty-two-year-old experienced woman. Turning around, she crawled onto the bed, making sure he got a good look at her firm ass. Stretching out, she propped herself up on one arm. “Your turn.”

Damn, this woman was sexy, confident, and the one who, after all these years, still owned his heart. He kicked off his boots and pulled off his pants, his rock hard cock finally finding relief.

“Commando?” Bella asked, her eyes hooded with lust.

Viper climbed onto the bed and laid beside her. “Never liked underwear, so why wear something you don’t like. So tell me what happened that night?”