Chapter Five

Bella sat up with her arms around her legs. “My dad was waiting for me when I got back to Rose’s house,” Bella began.

“Are you telling me Rose was your friend, and she knew where you were?” Viper asked. When they were together, there weren't any conversations about others, only about each other. He hated the fact he could have learned where she was and they could have been together all this time. 

“Yes, she was my friend, and I called her a few weeks after I arrived in New York. However, she didn’t know who my dad was. Dad had me use Isa Stewart for my protection when I was away from the club’s protection.”

“So, Isa was your alias?” 

“My real name is Isabella, so it isn’t too far a stretch from my real name. Stewart was my mother's maiden name. When I was sent to New York, I figured I was far enough away from Tucson that no one would know who I was. So I used my real name. I explained to Rose that my family was in the public eye and I had to use a different name. She never questioned who my family was, and I never told her.”

“So, why did your dad send you to New York?” Viper asked.

“He asked me who I was out with and I gave him your first name. Then he asked what was your last name and as soon as I said it, he went nuts,” Bella said.

“Your dad knew my dad and knew our last name. I remember hearing some tension between the two clubs,” Viper explained.

“So he shipped me off to my mother’s sister in New York. She had offered to take care of me since the death of my mom,” Bella said, her voice breaking on word mom.

“Your mom died when you were little?” Viper asked.

Tears formed in her eyes, and several escaped. “My mom was murdered when I was five.”

Viper reached out and pulled her closer to him. Needing her to know he was there for her. “I’m sorry.”

“It was a long time ago, but I remember that night like it was yesterday,” Bella muttered against his chest. “Even to this day, I can’t be in a closed space without having a panic attack.”

He pulled back, wiped her tears, and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Were you there?”

“Yes. Mom, Dad, and I were on our way to my ballet recital. I was in the backseat and I can still hear my dad yell for my mom and me to get down. Suddenly, the windows of the car were blown out by gunfire. Dad stopped the car, opened his door, and began shooting. The loud bangs seemed to last forever, but suddenly, it was eerily quiet. I thought my dad had taken care of the men who attacked us. However, I heard my mom scream and I couldn’t help but look up. When I did, I saw a man pulling my mom from the car. She was fighting, but the guy was huge. Frozen by the sight, I didn’t see the guy who grabbed me. My mother screamed for them to let me go and not to hurt me. Looking around, I tried to find my dad, because I knew he would save us. It was then I saw him lying on the ground with blood on his white shirt. Mom convinced him to wear the shirt and to leave his leather cut at home. Of course, he would never wear his cut in a car, but he would always bring it and put it on as soon as he got out.”

“Babe, you can’t wear a cut in a car. It is against the rules,” Viper said. 

“I still think it is weird,”

“Your dad didn’t die that night,” Viper stated.

“No, but he was in terrible shape. The guy who had me opened the trunk, put me in, and shut the lid. I was there all alone in the dark, wondering what was happening to mom and dad. It felt like forever before someone came along, but Uncle Peter rescued me from the trunk. He took me back to the clubhouse and his Old Lady Charlotte took me from his arms. I remember crying myself to sleep as she held me,” Bella explained.

“What happened to your mom?”

“I didn’t learn what happened to her until I was almost thirteen. A group of new prospects was sitting around drinking and talking. They didn’t realize I was there. Someone brought up about the attack and then went into detail about how they found Crusher’s wife,” Bella said, with a sob. “I couldn’t believe anyone could be so cruel.”

“Did your dad find out who had done this?” Viper asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t know all the details and to be honest I didn’t want to.”

Viper pulled her back to his chest. “Fuck, baby, that is horrible.” They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms. He wished he could take away all her pain. God, she had been through so much, yet she hadn’t let it get her down. Even when he first met her, he could tell how strong she was. 

Bella couldn’t help but sigh at the overwhelming warmth that was coming off Viper, no, Edward. The man wrapped around her was the man she had fallen for all those years before, and that was Edward. Could they just be Isa and Edward when they were here? God, how she wanted this man. Placing her hand on his chest, she pushed and smiled when he moved to his back. In one fluid motion, she straddled his hips and leaned down to capture his mouth in a hot, demanding kiss.

Damn, this couldn’t get any hotter, Viper thought. He had to be inside of her. Reaching over, he opened his nightstand drawer and searched for a condom. When he found the foil-covered rubber, he pulled it out.

Bella bit her bottom lip as she took the condom from his hand. She knew they both had other partners since the last time they were together and until they had the conversation about tests, condoms were necessary. Over the years, she had never had sex without her partner wearing one and she went in for testing every six months. Her last test was three weeks ago, and there had been no one since. Ripping the foil with her teeth, she took out the rubber and moved back so she could roll it onto his length. Looking down, she gasped at what she saw. He had an apadravya piercing. Her pussy clenched at the thought of how fucking good it was going to feel as it rubbed against her piercing.

“Do you see something you like?” Viper asked, his voice husky with need.

“Yeah,” she answered, rolling the condom over his thick hard cock, being careful not to rip it over the piercing. When she finished, she looked down into his eyes. “Are you ready?”

“Fuck yeah, baby.”

Raising up, she positioned the bulging pierced head at her opening and slowly lowered herself, engulfed by the sensation of his cock stretching, filling her completely

Viper’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as his dick pushed into her. Then he felt it, the cool metal rubbing against his cock. “HOLY FUCK! I HAVE TO SEE!” Viper screamed, flipping her onto her back and causing his cock to slip out.

“NO!” Bella cried out, missing his warmth.

Viper pulled her legs up and spread them open. Taking his fingers in spread her wet lips apart and found the object he was searching for. Taking the metal ring with the ball in the middle between his fingers, he tugged ever so slightly, causing Bella to scream out in pleasure, arching her back. Looking up at her face, Viper drank in her beauty as she rode out the pleasure she received by his hand. “I love this,” he said, pulling it again. 

“EDWARD!!” she screamed.

Viper hated people calling him by his real name, but hearing it come from her lips did something to him. She wasn’t one quick fuck. No, she had been and always would be his forever. Lowering her legs, he placed his cock at her opening and thrust forward until he was buried balls deep into her wet pussy. Bending down, he captured her mouth in a kiss full of passion, and when he pulled away, he bit down on her bottom lip and tugged. 

Thrusting forward until he was fully engulfed by her heat, he looked down into her lust hooded eyes. “Just know, you are mine and mine only. No other man will be in this pussy. Do you understand, Isa?” he asked, using the name of the girl he had given his heart to all those years ago.

When she heard the name, he used to call her, her heart stopped. He didn’t have to tell her she was his alone; she had always been his. However, hearing him telling her was such a fucking turn-on. The Edward, who had been her first, was just a boy. This Edward was all alpha male. 

“Isa, don’t make me punish you. Do you understand that you are now mine alone?”

Holy fuck, was he going all dominant on her? But she would not sit by and have him fuck other women. His cock was hers and only hers. Reaching down between their bodies, she grasped the base of his cock. “I am yours alone, but you have to make the same promise to me. Your cock will not go near any other pussy. Do I make myself clear?”

“I promise,” he groaned as he felt his orgasm building. He needed her to come before he came himself. “Rub your clit and pull on your piercing.”

Bella let go of his cock and did as he commanded. Slipping her fingers over her mound until she reached her swollen clit. As Edward's thick cock slammed deep inside her, she tugged on her piercing. The pain mixed with pleasure in a kaleidoscope of feelings. 

Viper couldn’t hold off his orgasm much longer. “COME FOR ME NOW, ISA!”

She pulled the piercing once more and her orgasm exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body and soul. “EDWARD!”

The walls of her pussy clenched his cock as she came, causing his orgasm. Streams of hot cum filled the condom, and he wasn’t sure if some hadn’t spilled out because there was so much. When the fluttering of her orgasm finally stopped, he slowly pulled out. He reached down, removed the condom, and threw it into the trashcan by the bed. Turning back towards Isa, he pulled her so she was lying on his shoulder. They stayed like this, not speaking, just feeling. Tracing his fingers up and down her spine. The need to touch her constantly was too much for him to ignore. “Are you okay, Isa?”

“More than okay,” she answered with a smile. “Do you know no one has called me Isa in over fifteen years?”

“Shit, baby, the last time someone used Edward, I beat the shit out of him. However, hearing it come from your lips sounds so fucking right. Outside these doors, I have to be Viper, but when we are here, alone, I want you to call me Edward.”

“I can do that,” Bella said. “And I would love for you to call me Isa.”

“Damn, I never thought I would see you again. When you disappeared, my fucking soul was ripped from my body.”

“Same here. I would have contacted you, but my father told me he would kill you if I did. I couldn’t put you in danger, even though I was dying inside. So, I made the best of it in New York. After I graduated with a graphic design degree, I went to work for a marketing company and hated every second of it. It was by chance I stumbled across something which I could see myself doing all my life.”

Viper reached out and ran his finger over the tattoo over her heart with his initials in the center. “Tattooing?”

“Yeah,” she answered as she reached up and placed her hand over his. “This was my very first tattoo and the first one I ever designed.”

“It is stunning. Who inked you?” Viper asked as jealousy shot through him. 

“The man who would become my mentor. Waylon allowed me to spread my wings and to use my design skills with ink. When he retired and moved to Florida with his partner, Quil, he sold me the shop.”

Hearing that Waylon was gay helped a little bit, but Viper still didn’t like another man touching what was his. Yet, he had no room to be jealous. He had fucked lots of women over the years. But those days were over with and from now on Isa was the only woman for him. It was then he remembered what Red had said about her being in trouble. He needed to know from what or who, so he could have his guard up. “Red said you were in trouble.”

She took in a deep breath before she started. “I know who killed my father, and he has a sick obsession with me.”

“What do you mean?” Viper asked, his hands gripping the sheets. 

“My father’s VP, Demetri, killed my father because he refused to give him permission to claim me,” Bella said.

“How do you know this?”

“The night I escaped from New York, I received a call from a woman inside of the clubhouse. I believe she was someone who warmed my father’s bed. She overheard an argument where Demetri admitted he murdered my father. Then she told me he was on his way to New York to take me. Moments later, I heard the roar of motorcycles and I knew he was already here.”

Viper tried to remember who Demetri was. He had run across several of the Satan Savages. “What is Demetri’s road name?”

In a small voice, she said. “Terror.”

“Fuck,” he exclaimed. He had met Terror before and it had not been pretty. Covered in ink and a fucking hothead. I well knew his cruelty throughout the clubs. Terror could not be trusted and now, since he had killed his own president, meant he was now completely deranged. “I promise you, he will not come near you, because if he does he is a dead man.”

Bella stared into Viper’s eyes and knew he meant every word. But she could lose him now. Her heart wouldn’t survive it. “Please do nothing that would take you away from me.”

He couldn’t lie to her and tell her he wouldn’t do anything dangerous. “You are safe now. Come, let’s get a shower and feed you, because we have a lot of time to make up for.”

Bella tried not to think about how Viper had avoided telling her he wouldn’t do anything to take him away from her. Putting on a smile, she decided for tonight to just enjoy the time they have together. 

They climbed out of the bed and walked into the massive bathroom. In the center was a black oblong tub, which was big enough for two. Beside the tub was a large open shower. Like the other parts of his apartment, it had an industrial feel with concrete floors and walls, except for one which was exposed brick. It was all masculine, like its owner.

Bella turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “That is an awful big shower you have there.”

Viper bent down and took her earlobe between his teeth and bit down. Muttering against her neck. “All the better to get you wet.” 

She couldn’t help but giggle at his comment. Stepping into the shower, she allowed the hot water to beat down over her sore muscle. Between straddling her bike for over 2,400 miles and riding Viper's massive cock, her thigh muscles ached. 

Viper stepped in front of her, picked up a rag, and began carefully washing her body, starting with her feet. Slowly, he rubbed the rag over her smooth skin, taking care to make sure every inch was cleaned. When he reached her thighs, he pulled them apart and softly washed her bare mound, while he ran his long callus finger along her lips. She was wet and not just from the shower. 

“Edward, please don’t stop,” Bella moaned. 

“Pull your nipple rings,” he commanded, before he leaned in and took her clit between his lips. He alternated between sucking and biting. 

“Please make me come,” she cried. 

Inserting two fingers into her tight hole, he pumped quickly, curling them so they rubbed the soft patch of sensitive skin. “I can feel how bad you want to come. Do it now for me.” 

Screaming at the top of her lungs as the massive orgasm tore through her body. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but she felt as if she was gushing. 

“FUCK YEAH!” Viper yelled as he continued to rub the patch as she squirted all over his chest. 

Her hands grabbed hold of his shoulders and held on, worried her legs would give out, because they were shaking so badly. “What is happening to me?”

Viper removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth, where he licked them clean. Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on her lips. “Has no one ever made you squirt before?”

“Squirt? No.”

He couldn’t help but smirk. Another first they had shared together and he couldn’t wait to see what else they would share.