Blood Demons MC - Viper's Revenge


Edward “Viper” Masen is the president of the Blood Demons MC taking over after a rival club murdered his father. His life is busy with running the legal and illegal businesses of the club. No time or heart for a steady Old Lady, instead he took what the Blood Succubus offered. No one would take the place of his Little Isa in his heart. The girl who he fell in love with one summer, sharing all their firsts with each other until she disappeared without a trace. 


Bella “Isa” Stewart, daughter of Charlie “Crusher” Swan and Renee Stewart is in exile in New York when her father catches her with a boy. Not telling why she wasn’t allowed to be with him, she is commanded to stay as far away from Phoenix as possible. Over the years her father comes to visit a few times, bringing his VP Demetri, who looks at her like she is something to eat. 


What happens when she receives a phone call from someone in her father’s club to tell her that her father is dead and Demetri did it? Then Demetri shows up at her apartment building with several other members. Hopping on her bike she heads cross country to hide out with a high school friend. Arriving in Phoenix, memories of the boy she fell in love swirl in her mind. Pulling into the parking lot to meet her friend, she comes face to face with a sexy man, covered in tattoos and wearing a leather motorcycle club vest with a president patch. He is a stranger, but there was something about his eyes. 

Can Viper protect her from Demetri and take revenge for him killing her father? How will he react when he finds out who she really is? Will they be able to wipe years away and pick back up where they left off?