Keeping my tradition of writing a short story for Christmas. Here is the summary for 2021 Christmas Short Story.

Dr. Edward Cullen had it all. A job he excelled in, a high-rise penthouse apartment in the heart of New York city, and a wife he loved more than anything else in the world. Edward is called upon to perform life-saving surgery on a patient who cannot travel. He was excited to do it, until he found out where it was, the Arctic Tundra. It would require him to be away from his loving wife for at least two months.

Bella Cullen supported her husband and when he came home and told her someone needed him, she told him to go. Kissing him goodbye at the airport, he promises to be home soon, leaving his heart with her.

What happens when two months later when the plane Edward is on to come back home crashes? How will Bella survive without him? Wanting to give up herself until she finds out a piece of him still lives inside her.

Do Christmas Miracles still happen? Edward/Bella HEA